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Night Verses  Drift
Night Verses – Drift

Long Island hardcore outfit Night Verses have just put the finishing touches to their second studio album ‘Into The Vanishing Light’ which is due for release on the 8th July, the band released the first teaser single ‘A Dialouge In Cataplexya’ at the start of June and have now just dropped the second teaser single ‘Drift’.

‘Drift’ shows a whole new side and direction to Night Verses as the band take us on a more chilled out psychedelic and progressive journey, on first listen the song is very underwhelming but after a few listens you really start to appreciate the creativity of it as Night Verses pretty much ditched the hardcore sounds and tubthumping drumming which you have come to expect from them and created a more haunting number.

Night Verses have teamed up with super producer Ross Robinson for their second studio album ‘Into The Vanishing Light’ and if the two singles released so far are anything to go by then Ross Robinson and Night Verses are a great team and ‘Into The Vanishing Light’ is going to be one diverse listen.


Night Verses - Drift

Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Douglas Robinson
Nick DePirro
Reilly Herrera
Aric Improta
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1. Drift
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