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Weezer - Make BelieveWeezer - Make Believe

Weezer are back with their fifth album Make Believe. An album thats been in the works for some time, being written whilst Rivers takes breaks from college and being scrapped several times and started all over again. But its finally here and its just what you would expect from Weezer.

The album starts with the simple but catchy first single, 'Beverly Hills'. Each track sounds different to the last but all feature catchy choruses; a few tracks on we have the cheeky singalong of 'We Are All On Drugs' which is a song about someone one who's drugged up all the time and how life is for them. It features one of the most memorable choruses on the album.

Then we have .The Damage In Your Heart. which is a song about letting go of all the pain and damage. Its a really slow style song also with some of those catchy lyrics Weezer do best.

The album's a real mixture with some funny songs, serious songs and then we get really personal song 'Pardon Me' which has Rivers saying sorry for hurting people; ‘So I apologize to you and to anyone else that I hurt too’. Top stuff.

The album has two real standout tracks for me, which are 'Freak Me Out' (the most mellow Weezer song ever) but has you singing along from start to finish. The other stand out track? 'This Is Such A Pity', which has some awesome lyrics.

Make sure you pick up the special edition copy of this album which features two bonus live tracks of previous Weezer songs.

Overall a great, catchy album that will have you singing a long to every chorus. Why can't all "geek" bands be this good?


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Rivers Cuomo (Vocals, Guitar)
Brian Bell (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Scott Shriner (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Patrick Wilson (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Beverly Hills
2. Perfect Situation
3. This Is Such A Pity
04. Hold Me
05. Peace
06. We Are All On Drugst
07. The Damage In Your Heart
08. Pardon Me
09. My Best Friend
10. The Other Way
11. Freak Me Out
12. Haunt You Every Day
13. Butterfly - Live (bonus track)
14. Island In The Sun - Live (bonus track)
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