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Waterparks - Cluster 
Waterparks - Cluster

Every now and again you come across a new band for the first time and are instantly hooked and see huge potential in the band and that is exactly what's happened here with Waterparks when I first pressed play on their new EP 'Cluster' which is a short 17 minute blast of electronic infused pop-punk anthems.

On paper Waterparks really have everything going for them as they have signed to Equal Vision Records whilst also signing a partnership with MDDN.CO which is founded by the Madden brothers of Good Charlotte with Benji Madden and well known pop-punk producer Courtney Ballard co-producing the EP and the band also managed to recruit ex My Chemical Romance member Mikey Way to handle bass duties throughout.

Luckily musically Waterparks totally live up to all the big names that are tied to them on paper and they have a sound which is a cross between Panic At The Disco!, Fall Out Boy, Hellogoodbye and Saves The Day and it is safe to say that 'Cluster' is going to be one of the most infectious pop-punk releases of the year and also going to be the soundtrack to many people's summer especially across America when the band take the Warped Tour by storm.

The EP opens with 'Crave' a song which comes to life in such an infectious bouncy way especially when they electro-pop-punk chorus kicks in as the band unleash an awesome flurry of electronic beats and soundscapes.

'Territory' is without a doubt the perfect summer sound track it’s so fresh and infectious sounding that you will find yourself betting addicted to the groove, melody and infectious vocals running throughout the three minute duration of the track.

'Mad All The Time' is slightly darker sounding than the rest of the songs on the EP but really reminds me of old skool Panic At The Disco! Music, once again like the previous tracks once the chorus kicks in you will find yourself getting lost in the infectious sounds that Waterparks have to offer.

'Pink' is a pure pop-punk anthem very similar sounding to many songs in the Good Charlotte back catalogue which is not a bad thing considering the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte are heavily involved in Waterparks.

The EP comes to a close with 'No Capes' which is a fast driven dreamy pop-punk anthem which sounds ever so perfect and is easily the highlight of the EP as Waterparks leave the best till last as they take us on a near 4 minute anthemic journey.

Waterparks are proof that pop-punk is not dead and never will be as Waterparks have taken everything that makes pop-punk fun but also added their own unique spin to keep the scene fresh and appealing, the band will be making their debut in the UK in May as they perform at Slam Dunk Festival and I am sure they will be leaving with a whole bunch of new fans whilst also looking to book their own headline tour in for later in the year.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Awsten Knight
Geoff Wigington
Otto Wood
 Track Listing

1. Crave
2. Territory
3. Mad All the Time
4. Pink
5. No Capes

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