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Megadeth - DystopiaMegadeth - Dystopia 

MegaDave is back! And also this review marks the return of me to the reviewing game! This marks album number 15 and after a career full of thorough thrashing, it's great to see the name pop up once more.  The ones that stick in my head from recent memory being United Abominations, Thirteen, Endgame and Super Collider, let's see how Dystopia filters in. 

 Straight off we have a long ominous intro followed up with a buildup of riffs in "The Threat is Real" leading off into what I would call the trademark Megadeth base flavoured with various riffs. Much can be same for the title track but one notable difference is our Dave has really took his time lyrically because I couldn't tell at first if they were cliche but as the album rolled on I fell they were actually quite well thought out, need an example turn your attention to "Look Who's Talking" you'll see why I thought cliche at first.

Other songs I'd like to mention here are "Fatal Illusion" as one of the fastest, "Emperor" that seems out of place yet catchy and "Death From Within" which is quick but relaxing. 

Overall it's not my favourite album by the thrash Giants, but I can say most of the songs are going to get hummed the shit out of whilst I'm at work over the next few days. Top notch work Davey boy!


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Dave Mustaine
David Ellefson
Kiko Loureiro
Chris Adler
 Track Listing
1. The Threat Is Real
2. Dystopia
3. Fatal Illusion
4. Death From Within
5. Bullet To The Brain
6. Post American World
7. Poisonous Shadows
8. Look Who’s Talking
9. Conquer Or Die
10. Lying In State
11. The Emperor
12. Last Dying Wish
13. Foreign Policy (FEAR cover)
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