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The Prodigy - NastyThe Prodigy – Nasty

The Prodigy are one of the most exciting and relevant electronic dance acts ever who have had a majorly successful career due to the fact that they manage to turn out the best of alternative rock and infectious dance within their music, the last album by The Prodigy was 2009’s ‘Invaders Must Die’ and since then The Prodigy have toured heavily across the world on their own headline tour whilst also headlining many festivals and now after a massive 6 years wait The Prodigy have just unleashed their brutal new single ‘Nasty’ which is taken from their forthcoming studio album ‘The Day Is My Enemy’.

‘Nasty’ is a classic Prodigy through and through, it has the same beats and explosive energy that you come to expect from The Prodigy and if you heard the song for the first time without being told who it was you would guess it was The Prodigy within seconds as The Prodigy have that special knack of making kick ass songs which sound so different from any other artist yet stay so true to themselves.

The theme of ‘Nasty’ is a massive dig at the Tories and people who support fox hunting and the video for the song tells this story extremely well with a lonely fox being backed into a corner with many hunters trying to shoot it down, and let’s face it the song could not of been more perfectly timed with a general election coming up in may and if the Tories win it then fox hunting may well be made legal again, musically the beats of the song are huge and pounding whilst the vocals from Keith Flint and Maxim are pretty edgy, straight to the point and full of attitude.

It is safe to say that The Prodigy are back and they have many messages to share and ‘Nasty’ happens to be a massive political one and I am sure when ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ drops on the 30th March hardcore The Prodigy fans may well have a new favourite album.


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1. Nasty

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