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New Found Glory - ResurrectionNew Found Glory – Resurrection

A New Found Glory formed in Coral Springs, Florida back in 1997 and since then they have become one of the hardest working pop-punk bands ever who have a ratio of releasing a new album every 2-3 years with various different EP’s and cover Ep’s being released in-between the album releases and when they are not releasing new material they are on the road relentlessly touring across the world playing sold out shows and hitting up the major festivals, and so many pop-punk bands around these days state New Found Glory as their main influences.

Despite New Found Glory leading such an healthy career which has seen them become one of the most talked about pop-punk bands ever, the past year or so has been a total nightmare for the band due to founding guitarist and songwriter Steve Klein being arrested due to very controversial circumstances, he then quickly got fired from the band and New Found Glory faced the difficult decision of carry on as a band and fighting off the tainted name Steve Klein had brought onto the band or call it a day, but when you have been making music with your best friends for the best part of 17 years calling it a day never is an option.

Earlier in the year New Found Glory announced that they had departed Epitaph Records and signed a deal with Hopeless Records, shortly after this they unleashed their new single ‘Selfless’ as well as releasing details of their eighth studio album ‘Resurrection’, an album which happens to be the most important album of the bands career so far, an album who’s name could not be more true and relevant considering the whirlwind of events the band have gone through over the past year or so and after listening to the album it is safe to say that this new four piece New Found Glory have come out fighting and easily won as ‘Resurrection’ is easily the hardest hitting yet catchiest album the band have ever released.

With ‘Resurrection’ you have to hand it to Chad Gilbert, with the departure of Steve Klein he has had to take on the majority of the song writing and also happens to be the sole guitarist and he has proved that New Found Glory can work as a four piece and can also survive as a four piece as some of the riffs he lays down are so hard and in your face and so are the lyrics if you actually take the time to take them on board.

The album kicks off with the lead single ‘Selfless’ and the song is massive opening up with some of the strongest riffs that New Found Glory have ever laid down and when Jordan Pundik comes in his vocals sound as strong as ever as he sings out “I wanna live selfless, instead of just floating by living every day like it’s my last” and “I can catch up on my sleep when I die”.

The album title track ‘Resurrection’ is a perfect sing-a-long pop-punk track, once again the guitars are turned up a couple of extra notches as Chad Gilbert once again proves what an excellent musician he is and once the group screams come in of “Burn you down” you start to realise that New Found Glory have a lot of built up anger to let off and are doing it in the best possible way.

As the album progresses you start to wonder if any of the songs are written about Steve Klein or if it is just a big coincidence that New Found Glory have wrote some negative themed songs at such an convenient time as the likes of ‘The Worst Person’ with lyrics of “You might be the worst person I’ve ever met, I’ve ever known, you keep doing all that shit that you regret” sounds ever so likely that it’s about Steve Klein.

The whole of ‘Resurrection’ flows so fast and the likes of ‘One More Round’, ‘Persistent’, ‘Stories Of A Different Kind’, ‘Degenerate’ and ‘Angel’ are instantly going to be live favourites with their insanely catchy choruses and big in your face riffs with ‘Stories Of A Different Kind’ and ‘Degenerate’ instantly shining over the other mentioned songs.

Overall you can tell that a lot of heart and soul has been put into ‘Resurrection’ and that New Found Glory have been forced into a much more mature hard hitting sound before their time but it works, in fact it works really well and I can’t wait for New Found Glory to touch down in England in November and play a number of these new songs along with their classics on their forthcoming ‘Pop Punks Not Dead’ tour.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Chad Gilbert
Jordan Pundik
Cyrus Bolooki
Ian Grushka
 Track Listing

1. Selfless
2. Resurrection (featuring Scott Vogel)
3. The Worst Person
4. Ready and Willing
5. One More Round
6. Vicious Love
7. Persistent
8. Stories of a Different Kind
9. Degenerate
10. Angel
11. Stubborn (featuring Anthony Raneri)
12. Living Hell
13. On My Own (featuring Brendan Yates)

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