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Nonpoint - The ReturnNonpoint – The Return

Nonpoint have been a name well know on the nu-metal scene since 1997 and in that time they have released 7 studio albums and are now gearing up to release their 8th studio album ‘The Return’ which is due for release on Metal Blade Records on Monday and it seems that with ‘The Return’ they are back with their strongest album release in years.

The album opens with the catchy ‘Pins And Needles’ the song comes in with a massive bouncy fashion and the bouncy feel of the song flows for the 4minute duration of the song and it seems that Nonpoint have put everything into the song as the drum beats from Rob Rivera are outstanding whilst the guitar riffs from Rasheed Thomas and B.C Kochmit are also pretty special, vocally Elias Soriano takes quite an gritty approach apart from on the odd occasion where things get slightly melodic, as mentioned above the instrumental work is fantastic and even more so towards the later part of the song when the whole band jam out for a solid 30seconds or more.

‘Breaking Skin’ opens up sounding bigger and better than the opening song and as it progresses it becomes pretty damn epic as the band go down the melodic rock route as they have created a track which is not only big and catchy with massive radio friendly feel, but they have created a track with last ability and I can see many people re-visiting this song again and again.

‘Razors’ is another heavy meets melodic slice of Nonpoint goodness and that’s what has made ‘The Return’ such a solid album as Nonpoint have managed to perfectly write and records 13 outstanding tracks as the likes of ‘Misery’ and ‘The Return’, ‘Forcing Hands’ kick serious ass, whilst ‘Never Ending Hole’ easily becomes the most assessable song on the album and shines from start to finish with its excellent instrumental work from each and every band member and not to forget Elias Soriano’s super fast melodic vocals. ‘F**K’D’ see’s the band going all out on an explicit rant about what a fucked up world we live in and pretty much everyone in the world can relate to the lyrics as Elias Soriano sings about everything being fucked up.

I feel that over the years people have gave Nonpoint a bad ride and criticised them too much because of their nu-metal sounds which they have managed to maintain through their whole career, however after listening to ‘The Return’ relentlessly I can confirm that it is one of the best metal albums I have heard in a long time and kudos goes out to each and every band member as they all shine in their own way but extra kudos goes out to Robb Rivera who does a splendid job of beating the fuck out of his drum kit and making ‘The Return’ rock that little bit more.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Elias Soriano
Robb Rivera
Rasheed Thomas
Adam Woloszyn
BC Kochmit
 Track Listing

1. Pins And Needles
2. Breaking Skin
3. Razors
4. Misery
5. The Return
6. Take Apart This World
7. Forcing Hands
8. Goodbye Letters
9. Never Ending Hole
10. Widowmaker
11. Never Cared Before
12. F__K'D
13. Know Myself

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