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Yellowcard - Lift A SailYellowcard – Lift A Sail

Yellowcard are currently gearing up to release their seventh studio album ‘Lift A Sail’ and this time around Yellowcard have decided to stick with their longtime producer Neal Avron and headed down to his studio in Los Angeles, but musically Yellowcard have decided to do things differently and have go for a more full on harder hitting approach where everything is turned up that little bit louder and played that little bit harder making ‘Lift A Sail’ a more full on rock experience yet still staying true to the bands roots with the big and honest lyrics that front man Ryan Key has been writing for years.

‘Lift A Sail’ is the first Yellowcard album to be released through their new label Razor And Tie and it seems like perfect timing as everything seems to be changing for the better with Yellowcard well apart from the fact long time drummer Longineu W. Parsons III has recently departed the band.

A short instrumental introduction called ‘Convocation’ kicks off the album and the track is quite a soothing number with the violins taking centre stage and beautifully setting things up for the epic running of track two ‘Transmission Home’ which opens with some solid drum beats, massive guitar riffs and Yellowcard sounding as heavy as they did back in their ‘Light And Sound’ days, however this time around things are a little more technical, a little more thought about, a little more slower yet the song oozes in excellence from start to finish, vocally Ryan Key is on top form and shines even more when the beautiful chorus kicks in.

‘Crash The Gates’ see’s Yellowcard once again go all out with their instrumental work and they make some great sounds where things are so heavy yet so solid sounding as you can clearly tell that the band have spent a lot of time jamming, the whole build ups and break downs throughout the song add dynamics to things and once again Ryan Key is at the top of his game with his vocals which chop and change slightly with the progressive sounds of the song.

‘Make Me So’ is one of the poppiest songs on the album and that happens to be a big achievement as the majority of the album is quite slow paced and serious sounding as Yellowcard show off their darker and heavier side but luckily ‘Make Me So’ features a massive sing-a-long bouncy chorus that we have always come to expect from Yellowcard and within seconds you will find yourself singing “Why, why do you make me so? Why, why do you let me go? Why do I lose my head? You make me so why do I lose myself? You let me go” along with Ryan Key.

‘One Bedroom’ is the lead single to be taken from the album and it is ever so perfect as the song is so relaxed sounding yet so beautiful at the same time, the lyrics are well written and easy to relate to and during the first listen of the song you will find yourself humming along and during the second or third you will find yourself picking up the well written lyrics and singing alongside Ryan Key.

‘Fragile And Dear’ is another soft and beautiful song, ‘Illuminate’ see’s things go a bit heavy whilst remaining so nice, ‘Madrid’ see’s the band go down a real gentle acoustic route and its fantastic as it gives Ryan Key so much chance to shine with his well written lyrics and well executed vocals which grace the airwaves in such a strong way. ‘The Deepest Well’ happens to be the hardest hitting song on the album and it quite frankly rocks.

The album title track ‘Lift A Sail’ is slow sounding but happens to build up to be a massive sing-a-long number when the chorus kicks in and it’s easily going to be released as a single sometime in the near future as Yellowcard really would be missing a trick if they decided otherwise.

Things come to a close with the beautiful ‘California’ the song is so slow and piano driven that it manages to end the album in such a similar fashion to how the album opened with such amazing instrumental sounds.

When ‘Lift A Sail’ was originally announced I was excited that yellowcard were back with yet another album as let’s face it since Yellowcard returned from their hiatus back in 2010 they have been workaholics and released so many albums and acoustic variations, however when I heard Yellowcard were musical going down a different route for the album I started to have negative thoughts about the album and really didn’t think it would turn out that good but after listening to the album a few times over I can confirm that ‘Lift A Sail’ is everything Yellowcard promised it would be and more, it does take time to understand and start to take it in but once you invest that time you are truly rewarded with one of the most beautifully diverse Yellowcard albums ever released.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Ryan Key
Sean Mackin
Ryan Mendez
Josh Portman
 Track Listing

1. Convocation
2. Transmission Home
3. Crash the Gates
4. Make Me So
5. One Bedroom
6. Fragile and Dear
7. Illuminate
8. Madrid
9. The Deepest Well
10. Lift a Sail
11. MSK
12. My Mountain
13. California

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