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Wilson - Full Blast FuckeryWilson – Full Blast Fuckery

You know the old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, well luckily that’s not the case when it comes to music and album art work as the bearded rockers Wilson are back with a new album called ’Full Blast Fuckery’ and not only is the album title quite hilarious but the album artwork is utterly fantastic and thankfully the music that graced my speakers for the 41minutes after I pressed the play button was also top notch as Wilson smashed their way through 10 rock anthems.

‘Full Blast Fuckery’ is a full on rock ‘N roll party anthem, it is the kind of album you find yourself listening to whilst going on a road trip with your car windows fully down, volume fully up and you scream your lungs out whilst bopping your feet and tapping your steering wheel to the music whilst also trying to get to your final destination in one piece, or it is the kind of album that you want to blast out at full volume at a huge house party where the beers are flowing ever so well and everyone wants to take their partying to the next level.

The album opens with ‘My Life My Grave’ and it is basically 3minutes and 21seconds of rock n’ roll excellence, seriously the band go full throttle from start to finish and create a crazy amount of sound which is ever so pleasing on the ears with almighty riffs taking centre stage throughout the song.

‘Better Off (Strictly Doods)’ is just as rocking as the opening track as it opens with menacing guitar riffs and Chad Nicefield laying down his lead vocals at a crazy speed in such an rocking way as the band come together to make so much noise.

‘Passing On The Left’ opens with some banging drum beats which are followed up nicely with some tasty basslines and awesome guitar riffs and Chad Nicefield letting off some pent up anger as he shouts his way through the majority of the song sounding somewhat like Laim Cormier from the Cancer Bats in a massive rage, as the chorus hits things become more melodic and the band all jump in for some well timed gang vocals.

‘College Gangbang’ is lyrically as hilarious as the song title suggests and musical it is a big party anthem and so damn heavy that it will leave you wanting to crack a couple of cans of Stella over your head just to show off before you down those frothy brews.

There really is no weak song on the album as every song seriously kicks arse, take ‘Viking Pussies Fuck Off’ for example it may well be the shortest track on the album clocking in at 46seconds but it is also the heaviest track on the album which seriously packs an almighty punch.

If you have been looking for an album that you can head bang to from start to finish then I think you have found that in ‘Full Blast Fuckery’ from Wilson as the album is pure noise from start to finish yet it is such pleasing noise that I am sure your head banging will quickly turn to bouncy off the walls and causing pure mayhem to the rocking sounds on offer.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Jason Spencer
Chad Nicefield
Kyle Landry
James Lascu
 Track Listing

1. My Life, My Grave
2. Better Off (Strictly Doods)
3. Passing on the Left
4. College Gangbang
5. Snake Eyes
6. I Can Beat Your Dad
7. Viking Pussies Fuck Off
8. If You Ever Leave Me, I Will Find You
9. Susan Jane
10. Live in Corpus Christi

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