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Weezer - Back To The ShackWeezer – Back To The Shack

Since March Weezer have been teasing their fans with various different video teasers showing off really small snippets of new music and imagery and now Weezer have finally unveiled their brand new single ‘Back To The Shack’ is taken from their forthcoming ninth studio album ‘Everything will Be Alright In The End’ which is due for release on the 30th September on Republic Records.

‘Back To the Shack’ is a great return for Weezer and is a song which lyrically looks back to the olden days of Weezer with Rivers Cumuo singing “Sorry guys I didn’t realise that I needed you so much I thought i’d get a new audience, I forgot that disco sucks, I ended up with nobody and I started feeling dumb maybe I should play the lead guitar and Pat should play the drums, take me back, back to the shack, back to the strat with the lightning strap, kick in the door, more hardcore, rockin out like it’s ‘94”, instrumentally ‘Back To The Shack’ is a seriously catchy number with powerful guitar riffs and massive sounding basslines and drum beats .

All the classic elements that make up a classic Weezer song can be found in ‘Back To The Shack’ and for that reason alone I have a feeling that album number 9 is going be one of the best Weezer album releases in years.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Rivers Cuomo
Patrick Wilson
Brian Bell
Scott Shriner
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1. Back To The Shack

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