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Massive - Full ThrottleMassive – Full Throttle

Aussie rockers Massive released debut album ‘Full Throttle’ independently in Australia back in 2013 and after gaining interest in the UK and the rest of the world the band are about to re-release the album in Australia and also release it across the world for the very first time with 4 extra tracks which happens to be 2 brand new tracks as well as a cover of AC/DC’s ‘If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)’ and Aerosmith’s ‘Rats In The Cellar’.

I first came across Massive a couple of months ago when I logged onto the Google play store and they had the bands ‘Full Throttle’ album as a free download with a little write up saying that they are the next big rock act to come out of Australia so I instantly downloaded the album and as soon as I heard the huge anthemic opening track ‘One By One’ I just knew that Massive were on the right tracks to success.

‘Full Throttle’ opens with a double whammy of hard hitting sleazy rock n’ roll tracks as Massive blast their way through ‘One By One’ and ‘Hollywood’, the opener ‘One By One’ is bouncy as hell and has a huge chorus with chant-a-long style backing shouts of “One By One”, trust me the song in insanely good and instantly reminds you of the other big Aussie rockers AC/DC and Airbourne, whilst ‘Hollywood’ is a fast and furious anthem so similar to those that Black Stone Cherry have been writing for years where the guitars are insanely fast and drums are pounding.

‘Big Trend Setter’ see’s the band loose the fast pace and immense adrenaline that was featured in the opening couple of tracks as they go down a more stadium rock route with Brad Marr laying down some huge vocals with the rest of the band coming in for massive shout out gang vocals.

‘Dancefloor’ has future single written all over it and is easily the most exciting track on the album and really is the kind of track which will have you busting your groove on the dance floor or jumping around like a complete loon as these massive rock meets dance sounds blast their way out of the speaker with Brad Marr shouting “Jump” as the infectious chorus kicks in which is soon followed up by an ever so tasty sounding guitar solo.

‘Lacey’ has a real old skool feel about it like something from the 80’s when Guns N Roses, Poison, Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks were at the top of the rock scene and as soon as the chorus kicks in you will find yourself throwing your fists or horns in the air with such force as the chorus hits at such speed with so much rock credibility.

The album closes with the album title track ‘Full Throttle’ and it opens with massive basslines which reminds me of the work of John Paul Jones from Led Zepplin and Them Crooked Vultures fame and the bassline comes and goes throughout the song whilst inbetween the rest of the band are hard at work rocking out.

It is not every day you come across a newish band as big and exciting as Massive but these guys seriously are something special and it only seems right that they decided to call their band Massive and their debut album ‘Full Throttle’ as both names suits them ever so well as let’s face it they have the potential to become massive rock stars and their album is played at full throttle as the sheer speed and passion of the album is amazing.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Brad Marr
Ben Laguda
Aidan McGarrigle
Jarrod Medwin
 Track Listing

1. One by One
2. Hollywood
3. Big Trend Setter
4. Dancefloor
5. Lacey
6. Ghost
7. Burn the Sun
8. Bring down the city
9. Now or Never
10. Best of Both Worlds
11. Full Throttle
12. Halo or the Gun (Bonus Track)
13. Same Old Story (Bonus Track)
14. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) (AC/DC cover)
15. Rats in the Cellar (Aerosmith cover)

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