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No Devotion - StayNo Devotion – Stay

It has been heavily rumoured for a couple of months now that ex-Thursday front man Geoff Rickly has teamed up with Welsh rockers Lee Gaze, Mike Lewis, Jamie Oliver, Stuart Richardson and Luke Johnson from the Lostprophets and now those rumours have been proven to be true as the six piece have just announced their new project No Devotion, their debut single ‘Stay’ and a handful of tour dates for later in the month.

When the Lostprophets came to a bitter end towards the end of 2012 due to front man Ian Watkins arrest for child sex offences and then his conviction a year later the rest of the band members released a joint statement calling it a day on the Lostprophets whilst also sharing their shock at what had been happening behind their backs.

Both the band members and their fans thought their music careers were over for good but they continued to write and record music and after a little while they got in contact with their friend Geoff Rickly who jumped at the chance to front the band and just like that No Devotion were born.

‘Stay’ features elements of all the band members previous band’s yet sounds more Thursday than it does Lostprophets been even then it so different from anything Thursday have really done in the past. The song is a dreamy sounding synth driven radio friendly pop-rock number which really comes alive when the chorus kicks in and Geoff Rickly really lets rip with his distinctive vocals.

During my teenage years I used to listen to a lot of Thursday and Lostprophets so for me the teaming of the two is great news and works extremely well but even more so I feel happy for Lee Gaze, Mike Lewis, Jamie Oliver, Stuart Richardson and Luke Johnson that after everything was taken away from them so harshly that they have a second coming.

On first listen ‘Stay’ may well come as a shock to your ears but trust me the more you listen to it the more you start to understand the song and appreciate the excellence of it.

Check the song out for yourself below.


No Devotion - Stay

Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Geoff Rickly
Jamie Oliver
Lee Gaze
Luke Johnson
Mike Lewis
Stuart Richardson
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1. Stay

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