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Nothing More - Nothing MoreNothing More – Nothing More

Over the past 12 months I have discovered some amazing new bands such as Crossfaith, Coldrain and now the Texas four piece Nothing More who are just about to release their self titled fourth studio album ‘Nothing More’ which happens to be their first release in the UK, now I have had the album for a few months and have been listening to it constantly since receiving it and can really see these guys finally heading for the big time on the back of this album.

The album starts with a short track called ‘Ocean Floor’ and then blasts straight into ‘Ballast’ a track which sets the pace for the rest of the album and also lets you know what you have been missing out on if like me you have only just discovered Nothing More over the last couple of months. Musically the song is really fast and full of groove and big riffs whilst vocally things are quite melodic yet soar into quite aggressive moments throughout.

‘Christ Copyright’ is a bonkers song which is crammed with massive soundscapes and a huge chorus which is so powerful that it will give your ears a beating but in such a positive way as everything coming through the speakers is so big, progressive and generally amazing.

‘MR MTV’ is a great song musically and lyrically as they have wrote a massive rock anthem about how good MTV was and how it as evolved to be a really poor channel full of over the top reality TV shows that only someone desperate for a bit of money could write about, produce, direct and star in. The opening lyrics of “Free drugs, cheap sex, fake tans, big breasts, high times, pimped rides, lost days to blackout nights” is ever so spot on.

‘First Punch’ is a massive radio friendly track and easily going to released as a single in the near future, the song flows really fast and the drumming from Paul Obrien is faultless whilst Mark Vollelunga lays down some great guitar riffs with Daniel Oliver complimenting them with his neat bass playing.

‘Gyre’ is very similar to the opening track in the way that is a short but sweet instrumental track with really random voice over’s coming in towards the end, it’s very peaceful sounding and leads on perfectly to the hard hitting ‘The Matthew Effect’ which has to be the most aggressive and explosive track on the album especially during the vocal shouts of “Jesus Christ” which make way for some fast paced melodic vocals from Jonny Hawkins as the whole band go out creating such a hugely accessible song which you will find yourself listening to over and over again.

The majority of the album is a fast paced journey full of big twists and turns but for ‘I’ll Be Ok’ the band completely tone things down as the song takes you on a slow paced emotional journey which is full of passion and a wide variety of vocal range.

One of the best songs on the album ‘God Went North’ is featured towards the end of the album and it is so good due to the fact that the song features more passion than anything else you have heard from the band up until this point which I am sure you will find quite hard to believe until you listen to the song as the whole album is full of passion but when the falsettos hit you will be blown away.

Overall ‘Nothing More’ features 17 tracks and runs for just over an hour which may well seem like a lot to take it for some people but when a band manages to release an album of this high quality which happens to be all killer and no filler it is massively appreciated and on the back of this album release I can see Nothing More having a fantastic 2014 especially when they start unleashing these new tracks on the live circuit.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Jonny Hawkins
Daniel Oliver
Mark Vollelunga
Paul OBrien
 Track Listing

1. Ocean Floor
2. Ballast
3. Christ Copyright
4. Mr. MTV
5. First Punch
6. Gyre
7. The Matthew Effect
8. I’ll Be Ok
9. Here’s To The Heartache
10. If I Were
11. Friendly Fire
12. Sex & Lies
13. Surface Flames
14. Take A Bullet
15. Jenny
16. God Went North
17. Pyre

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