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Pretty Reckless - Messed Up WorldPretty Reckless – Messed Up World

The Pretty Reckless released their second studio album ‘Going To Hell’ back in March and soon after that they headed out on tour across the UK supporting Fall Out Boy and has also just completed an outstanding set at Download Festival and are now set to release ‘Messed Up World’ as their third single to be taken from ‘Going To Hell’.

‘Messed Up World’ is known as ‘Fucked Up World’ on the bands album but in order for it be released as a single and to stand any chance of radio and TV play the song has been slightly reworked and renamed but is as rocking as the original just with less profanity, throughout the song there are moments where you feel that you are listening to Girls Aloud and others when you feel like you are listening to Courtney Love but this is just the joy of Taylor Momsen and her unique vocals, instrumentally things are massive sounding with big riffs and banging drums.

With the release of their second album ‘Going To Hell’ The Pretty Reckless proved that they are a seriously hard hitting rock band and ‘Messed Up World’ is just one of many strong songs featured within the album.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Taylor Momsen
Ben Phillips
Mark Damon
Jamie Perkins
 Track Listing

1. Messed Up World

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