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Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot SquashPulled Apart By Horses – Hot Squash

Since forming back in 2008 Pulled Apart From Horses have had an interesting journey in the rock scene where they have currently released two studio albums and caused mayhem at cities and venues across the country with their well known hectic live schedule which has seen more than a few visits to the hospital for the band, as well as their own headline shows in toilet sized venues the band have also supported the likes of Biffy Clyro, Muse, Foals and many others at massive venues across the UK.

Recently Pulled Apart By Horses announced that their third studio album ‘Blood’ is scheduled for release on the 1st September yet in the meantime they have just unleashed their brand new single ‘Hot Squash’ which is not officially released until the 23rd June yet the song is so good that they couldn’t keep it from their fans for any longer.

‘Hot Squash’ is a big rocking bouncy number and one that the band claim to be their personal take on the hypnotic desert rock scene and you just have to listen to the first 20-30 seconds to start to feel that. The more you listen to ‘Hot Squash’ the more accessible the song becomes sounding like Queens Of The Stone Age crossed with Them Crooked Vultures in places, vocally Tom Hudson seems to be in a better place here as he instantly grabs your attention yet the hectic screams and shouts that you have come to expect from him are literally nonexistent as he takes a more mature approach with his vocals.

I sense that album number three will see Pulled Apart By Horses head in a slightly different direction than in the past and if ‘Hot Squash’ is anything to go by then September the 1st couldn’t come quicker for the hardcore Pulled Apart By Horses fans as they have seriously delivered something quite special here.


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 Band Members

Thomas Hudsons
James Browns
Lee Vincents
Rob Lee
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1. Hot Squash

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