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Mad Caddies - Dirty RiceMad Caddies – Dirty Rice

Mad Caddies have just released their sixth studio album ‘Dirty Rice’ which happens to be their first studio album in over seven years, work originally started on the album in 2009 but the band weren’t happy with how things were going so completely scrapped the album and started reworking on it which slightly explains the massive time gap from their last album ‘Keep It Going’ which was released in 2007, anyway after listening to the album a few times over it is safe to say that the Mad Caddies still have it and have created a extremely catchy 12 track album which features a big mix of reggae, pop, punk and ska elements.

The album opens with the brilliant ‘Brand New Scar’ a song which kicks off with a great piano piece and after about 45 seconds of the piano building up and Chuck Robertson softly singing the whole band come in and they make an almighty mark as the whole guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, keyboard mix really gives the song a big infectious feel and at this point Chuck Robertson really gets into things as he sings loud clear and passionately throughout the duration of the song.

‘Love Myself’ see’s the Mad Caddies launch straight into a punk rock song, the song is very punchy sounding and when the chorus kicks in you just know that the Mad Caddies have made yet another dance floor anthem here where at future shows their fans will be going absolutely nuts swinging their arms and moving their legs to the fast paced beat.

‘Down And Out’ is a very dark retro sounding track which is very slow moving yet the brass section really grabs your attention. ‘Ska City’ is exactly what the name suggests in the way that it is a big and fun ska track which heavily relies on the amazing brass sounds which the Mad Caddies have mastered over the years. ‘Airplane’ is a great pop-tastic song it is seriously upbeat and when that chorus comes in the Mad Caddies end up taking you on one hell of an infectious ride. ‘Bring It Down’ has a big punk feel running throughout and the trumpet and trombone sections through the song stand out so well;, whilst ‘Shoot Out The Lights’ see the band go down the reggae route.

The whole 41minute ride of ‘Dirty Rice’ is extremely enjoyable as the Mad Caddies have taken their time and come back with a truly diverse sounding album which perfectly captures everything that’s good about the ska/punk/reggae scenes and the likes of ‘Shot In The Dark’ and the album closer ‘Drinking The Night Away’ are easily the best tracks on the album, the earlier of the two ‘Shot In The Dark’ is bras heavy and tells a great story in such a groovy way, whilst the later of the two ‘Drinking The Night Away’ is a big sing-a-long acoustic number which I can imagine being the soundtrack of many people’s summer whilst singing over the BBQ on the beach.

It has been a massive wait for the Mad Caddies to release ‘Dirty Rice’ and now the album is hear I can see it being stuck in my CD player for the next couple of months as the album is so upbeat and accessible and easily the perfect soundtrack for the summer months, well done guys let’s hope a UK tour follows shortly.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Chuck Robertson
Sascha Lazor
Keith Douglas
Eduardo Hernandez
Todd Rosenberg
Graham Palmer
Dustin Lanker
 Track Listing

1. Brand New Scar
2. Love Myself
3. Down and Out
4. Shoot Out the Lights
5. Dangerous
6. Bring It Down
7. Shot in the Dark
8. Little Town
9. Airplane
10. Callie’s Song
11. Back to the Bed
12. Drinking the Night Away

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