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Powerman 5000 - Builders Of The FuturePowerman 5000 – Builders Of The Future

Powerman 5000 are one hell of a determined band as through the years the band have been through their fair share of up’s and down’s, you just have to look at the list of previous band members to see that as the band are forever changing band members with front man Spider One being the only original member of the band remaining but the good thing is that Powerman 5000 are still here and still unleashing the same style of insane industrial metal music which they have been creating for years now and their forthcoming album ‘Builders Of The Future’ is easily the most accessible album the band have released in years.

‘Builders Of The Future’ features 10 tracks and runs for just under 35 minutes and the likes of ‘How To Be A Human’, ‘Invade, Destroy Repeat’, ‘Live It Up Before You’re Dead, ‘Modern World’, ‘I Can’t Fucking Hear You’ are all fantastic futuristic sounding mosh pit anthems which I personally hope the band thrown a few of these tracks into the mix when they play Download Festival this June.

Album opener ‘Invade Destroy Repeat’ really sets the pace for the album as it is a truly insane energetic song full of electronics, built up aggression and front man Spider One on top form with his fast paced vocals which make a massive impact as he powerfully shouts his way through the song.

‘We Want It All’ continues in the same way that ‘Invade Destroy Repeat’ opened the album with big electronic beats and in your face repetitive vocals with a few raps thrown into the mix for good measures, the whole pace and industrial feel of the song is immense as Spider One and co lay down some rather tasty sounds.

Just like the previous two songs, lead single ‘How To Be A Human’ opens in a similar however the song is a lot more catchy and radio friendly and it is the kind of song I can imagine many people speed walking on the treadmill at the gym as they try to keep to the energetic beat of the song.

‘You’re Going To Love It, If You Like It Or Not’ is a insanely fast catchy song, ‘Builders Of The Future’ is a bonkers song which is crammed to the brim with electronics and an overall massive sci-fi feel. ‘I Want To Kill You’ is Powerman 5000 doing things simple as it features an acoustic guitar and Spider One’s vocals and very minimal electronics throughout. ‘Live It Up Before You’re Dead’ is a big rocky sounding song which reminds me very much of the more recent Rob Zombie material.

Overall ‘Builders Of The Future’ is the band’s first album of original music in over 5 years and it is a much welcomed return to form where in the best part of 35minutes the band have done everything in their power to remind everyone what makes Powerman 5000 so exciting and I hope once the tour cycle for this album is over the band don’t do their usual trick and disappear for so long.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Spider One
Richard Jazmin
Nick Quijano
Gustavo Aued
Dj Rattan
 Track Listing

1. Invade, Destroy, Repeat
2. We Want It All
3. How To Be A Human
4. You’re Going To Love It, If You Like It Or Not
5. Builders Of The Future
6. I Want To Kill You
7. Modern World
8. Live It Up Before You’re Dead
9. I Can’t Fucking Hear You
10. Evil World

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