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Old Man Markley - Stupid TodayOld Man Markley – Stupid Today

Old Man Markley have just released a new 7” called ‘Stupid Today’ which features a brand new track ‘Stupid Today’ and a cover of NOFX’s ‘Reeko’ and in true Old Man Markley style the release is an absolute blast full of energy and their well perfected blue-grass-punk mix.

Things open up with their cover of ‘Reeko’ which maintains the feel of the original whilst also having a big Old Man Markley feel , the song see’s the band go from mid to high tempo in seconds and Katie Weed’s fiddle really adds energy to the song whilst John Carey perfectly lays down his strong vocals.

‘Stupid Today’ opens up really slowly as the band let their bluegrass sound flow through but as soon as the unique vocals from John Carey come in the song speeds up and the band go all out with the fiddle, banjo and pretty much every instrument they lay their hands on to create such an uplifting sound.

As always releases like this tend to be over far too quickly but it’s a solid set of songs to keep the bands fans entertained whilst they wait for a new Old Man Markley album which I am sure is many months away from being released.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Johnny Carey
Annie Detemple
Joey Garibaldi
Jeff Fuller
Ryan Markley
John Rosen
Katie Weed
 Track Listing

1. Reeko
2. Stupid Today

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