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The Pretty Reckless - Going To HellThe Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell

It has been a massive 4 years since The Pretty Reckless burst on the scenes with their debut album ‘Light Me Up’ and since then the band have gone on to play some outstanding shows all across the world yet for the last couple of years the band have taken a bit of a back seat whilst front lady Taylor Momsen concentrated on her acting career, however the band are now back with their second studio album ‘Going To Hell’ and this time around they seriously mean business as the album is so much more rock orientated than their previous material and judging by the album artwork which features a naked Taylor Momsen there is a lot more sex appeal this time around as well.

The album opens ‘Follow Me Down’ which starts off with the sound of sirens and rain mixed with erotic moans and groans and then moments later the band unleash the rock with Jamie Perkins smacking the hell out of his drums, Ben Phillips knocking out some heavy riffs, Mark Damon laying down some solid basslines and Taylor Momsen vocally taking control with a diverse set of vocals which twist and turn with the constant change of direction throughout the song.

Next up is the lead single and album title track ‘Going To Hell’ the song opens with a solid guitar riff and is shortly followed up with Taylor Momsen laying down some angry sounding vocals which are full of attitude as she shouts out “For the lines that I take, I’m going to hell, for the love that I make, I’m going to hell” as the song progresses Ben Phillips treats us to a breath taking guitar solo and during the final seconds of the some Jamie Perkins once again shows off his amazing drum skills.

The band’s latest single ‘Heaven Knows’ is up next and my god what a killer track it is, the song if a full on rock n’ roll anthem and will instantly remind you of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ due to the constant drum beats and chant-a-long chorus of “Woooah heaven knows” and general hand clapping and choir style vocals.

‘House On The Hill’ see’s the band go down the slow paced route and it really suits them as the song comes across beautifully as Taylor Momsen relaxes and sings from her heart. ‘Dear Sister’ and ‘Burn’ also see the band maintain the mellowness yet the ‘Dear Sister’ only runs for 56 seconds and ‘Burn’ see’s the band reach for the acoustic guitars whilst Taylor Momsen once again sings her heart out.

The tongue in cheek ‘Why’d You Bring A Shotgun To The Party’ is a ballsy little number with some fantastic instrumental work flowing through the duration of the song, whilst Taylor Momsen once again shows off a different side to her vocals especially towards the end where she lets rip and nearly forgets to come up for air.

The album comes to a close with the sleepy country sounding ‘Waiting For A Friend’, which features a softly played guitar the odd sound from an harmonica and Taylor Momsen laying down such gentle lyrics as the band close the album in the exact opposite fashion that they opened it.

With ‘Going To Hell’ The Pretty Reckless have easily improved on their debut album in every way possible, when the album goes down the rock anthem route it is big sounding and full of attitude with a punk edge and when things slow down things become quite the opposite as the band perform from their heart especially Taylor Momsen who has such a wide vocal range and can change her vocals so quickly in style with the music.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Taylor Momsen
Ben Phillips
Mark Damon
Jamie Perkins
 Track Listing

1. Follow Me Down
2. Going to Hell
3. Heaven Knows
4. House On a Hill
5. Why'd You Bring a Shotgun to the Party
6. Sweet Things
7. Burn
8. Blame Me
9. Dear Sister
10. Absolution
11. Fucked Up World
12. Waiting for a Friend

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