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Natives - Indoor WarNatives – Indoor War

British pop-punk rockers Natives have finally unleashed their debut album ‘Indoor War’ and after listening to the album for a couple of days I can confirm that the album is fantastic and really should see Natives reach the dizzy heights they have been aiming for since they started off in the music industry as Not Advised all those years ago.

The band Natives were born back in 2012 when the five piece that used to be called Not Advised decided that they needed a change and rebranded themselves as Natives and went out on a more mature journey and since their formation they have toured across the country many times on their own headline tour as well as supporting many high profile bands and have gone on to release three EP’s and now their debut album ‘Indoor War’.

‘Indoor War’ is an 11 track album which runs for just over 35minutes and it is a big in your face pop-punk album which really does have the potential to be the soundtrack of your summer as everything about the album is just so bright and positive that I really can see it being the perfect soundtrack to summer BBQs, trips to the beach and general house parties.

The album opens with ‘War Inside Of Me’ which sets the pace for the album perfectly as the song builds up over time and features such a diverse sound through its 2minute duration yet it is the epic gang vocals and big instrumental work which comes in towards the later part of the song which really does set the pace.

Previous single ‘This Island’ is easily one of the most bounciest songs that I have heard in a long time the song is a pure pop-punk anthem and really is massive sounding, it is the kind of the song that you could listen to over and over again without getting bored as it is truly infectious and a song which you will find yourself singing and tapping along to within seconds and then it will take days for the song to leave your head not that you would want it to leave your head anyway.

‘Can’t Say No’ is the bands current single and is a big sing-a-long number yet it is so different from previous single ‘This Island’ and this is what makes Natives such a talented band as they have the skills to create such catchy songs yet each and every song sounds so different from the last yet manages to get lodged into your head.

‘Going In Alone’ really reminds me of Fall Out Boy and is a full on enjoyable anthem, ‘Let Go’ is a beautiful sounding number where the chorus seriously takes control, ‘L.O.V.E’ see’s the band go down a slower route and front man Jim Thomas really shines here with his vocals, Whilst things get seriously amazing with ‘The Horizon’.

Every now and again you come across an album where you listen to it and think Wow, and then you listen to it again and find your favourite track but on your next listen your favourite track changes and that keeps happening on every listen, well that is the exact feeling I get with ‘Indoor War’ from Natives and I am still battling with myself wondering if ‘This Island’, ‘Going In Alone’ ,L.O.V.E’ or ‘The Horizon’ is my favourite song but I don’t think I will ever get to the bottom of it.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Andy White
Ashley Oliver
Greg Day
Jack Fairbrother
Jim Thomas
 Track Listing

1. War Inside of Me
2. This Island
3. Can’t Say No
4. Going In Alone
5. Let Go
6. L.O.V.E
7. Big Plans
8. Interlude
9. The Horizon
10. Ghost
11. For Everything

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