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Zoax formed less than a year ago and since they formed they have shared the stage with a massive range of bands such as Cancer Bats, Gallows, The Safety Fire and also rocked out at the Download Festival in 2013 and now they are ready to unleash their debut 5 track EP ‘XIII’.

The EP opens with ‘Bitter.Angry.Fake’ a song which pretty much stays true to its name as Zoax unleash mayhem on your ears for the best part of 4minutes as a mad flurry of riffs and drum beats come crashing towards you with a massive force, vocally things twists and turn as Adam Carroll goes from clear singing to aggressive screams in what feels like a push of a button, towards the middle of the song the band take a slight breather as things become more toned down with their instruments doing the majority of the talking giving Adam Carroll a slight break.

‘Burn It To The Ground’ is clearly a stand out track as everything about it stands out from the in your face vocals to the meaty guitar riffs to the bouncy basslines and repetitive drumming. Instrumentally ‘High’ is one of the strongest moments on the EP the band just come together so well and create an immense amount of noise which is quite in your face yet full of groove. ‘Jekyll Meets Hyde’ opens in a sort of chilled out way and then within seconds the band are rocking out yet this time around the song is full of start and stops and flows in a slight psychotic way.

The EP comes to a close with the hard hitting ‘Mind Games’ a song which features some of the most aggressive vocals that the band have ever laid down, the song is bound to go down a storm on the live circuit and get the pit moving in an energetic way as the fans chant-a-long throughout the song.

Overall Zoax have created a solid sounding 5 track EP which features a hell of a lot going on throughout, the song writing skills from these guys is fantastic and it only takes a couple of minutes listening to any one of the songs on the EP to realise that and I personally can’t wait to see what the band have in store in the future especially further down the road when they get down to creating their debut full length album.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Adam Carroll
Daniel Prasad
Douglas Wotherspoon
Joe Copcutt
Jonathan Rogers
 Track Listing

1. Bitter.Angry.Fake
2. Burn It To The Ground
3. High
4. Jekyll Meets Hyde
5. Mind Game

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