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We Are The In Crowd - Weird KidsWe Are The In Crowd – Weird Kids

We Are The In Crowd are days away from releasing their second studio album ‘Weird Kids’ and it comes a massive 2 and a half years after they released their debut album ‘Best intentions’ and the reason for the lengthy wait between album’s is the fact that We Are The In Crowd have toured constantly since their debut album so much in fact that I am shocked that they found time to write and record ‘Weird Kids’ and also create an album which progresses on their debut in pretty much every way possible.

‘Weird Kids’ is a straight up pop-punk album it features 10 tracks and runs for just over 30minutes but what makes it stand out over the debut is the fact that the bands song writing skills have improved massively as the band tackle some really personal topics on the album with really well written lyrics and this time around Taylor Jardine really get’s to experiment with her vocals especially during the later parts off the album during the deeply emotional ‘Windows In Heaven’ whilst Jordan Eckes gets far more vocal duties this time around and at times he lets rip in a near aggressive manor which really adds a bit of punk attitude to the album.

The album opens in a mellow way with ‘Long Live The Kids’ with Taylor Jardine starting things off in a near sleepy way with such toned down vocals until the song reaches the 1minute and 20second mark and the rest of the band come in with catchy guitar riffs, bouncy basslines, banging drum beats and a massive sing-a-long chorus which is bound to see a sea of lighters or mobile phones gracing the air at future We Are The In Crowd shows.

After a slightly slow and mature sounding opening things really kicks off with ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’ the song is a pure bouncy pop-punk song with attitude as Taylor Jardine sings out “Life’s too short, I can’t fake it anymore, I’m the best thing that never happened to ya’ and ‘You like to think you broke the mold but, now I’m sure you’ll crack just like the rest when I break your fucking jaw’.

‘Manners’ is a great song and easily one of the best songs that We Are the In Crowd have ever wrote and the way that Taylor Jardine and Jordan Eckes vocals work together is fantastic and comes across like a two way conversation with Taylor Jardine laying down some vocals which leads to Jordan Eckes responding with his vocals seconds later and this is where Jordan Eckes shines the most as he gives off a slight aggressive twist to his vocals when he screams out “I keep my mouth shut, I keep my mouth shut” over and over again.

‘Come Back Home’ see’s Jordan Eckes sing more than he has on any We Are The In Crowd song in the past and it is a pleasure to hear as his vocals are so good and once again his vocals against the vocals or Taylor Jardine work so well as the complement each other.

‘Attention’ sounds like a long lost song from the band’s debut album as it has the same big and powerful catchy vibe and generally flows like their older songs. ‘Dreaming Out Loud’ keeps up with the fast paced feeling of the previous song and is a big sing-a-long number with some great riffs on offer. ‘Remember (To Forget You) is yet another fast paced track where the lyrics are big and the vocals are catchy, seriously try listen to this song without tapping, humming or singing along.

As mentioned above as the album gets towards the end things become a lot more serious as Taylor Jardine shows off her violin skills during ‘Don’t Worry’ a song about family and getting through bad things and then the truly emotional ‘Windows In Heaven’ where Taylor Jardine talks about losing her dad at such a young age and how he would be proud of what she has achieved, the lyrics are well written and truly emotion if you stop for a minute to fully take in what Taylor Jardine is saying when she sings out “If you could see me now, would you be pleased and proud? I’m doing fine but sometimes I cry when I see your face, are there windows in heaven to see me now through all the sky and clouds living my life with a heart full of pride when I see your face”.

The album picks up its pace for the closing track ‘Reflections’ the song is one hell of a bouncy number and bound to become a live favourite straight away as this song has seriously been written to be played on the live circuit as the amount of energy let off in the recorded version is crazy.

Creating you second album is always tricky for bands but it seems that We Are The In Crowd didn’t need to worry as ‘Weird Kids’ is such a strong album so strong that if the band decided to call it quits tomorrow they could walk away proud knowing that they have made that perfect album which their fans will still be listening to ten years from now as it is a big diverse and catchy offering which improves on the debut in every way possible.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Taylor Jardine
Jordan Eckes
Mike Ferri
Rob Chianelli
Cameron Hurley
 Track Listing

1. Long Live The Kids
2. The Best Thing (That Never Happened)
3. Manners
4. Come Back Home
5. Attention
6. Dreaming Out Loud
7. Remember (To Forget You)
8. Don’t You Worry
9. Windows In Heaven
10. Reflections

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