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Manhatten Coast - This One's For YouManhatten Coast – This One’s For You

Over the years so many good bands have emerged from South Wales and taken the alternative music scene by storm, some of these bands have enjoyed major success and others have been in the spot light for a number of years before going back hiding under the rock they came from or sadly calling it a day and it seems that Bridgend’s pop-punk rockers Manhatten Coast are the next band from South Wales out chasing success and if their forthcoming third EP ‘This One’s For You’ is anything to go by then they certainly might get what they have set out to achieve.

The first thing that will strike you about ‘This One’s For You’ will be the epic artwork which will instantly remind you of Indiana Jones from the mine cart to the bands logo being done in the Indiana Jones logo colours and then as soon as you press the play button you will quickly be drawn in by the bands fast paced infectious anthems.

The double whammy of ‘War On The Weekend’ and ‘Monsoon Season In Machine City’ will have you bopping along as the band energetically execute these pop-punk anthems with a slight rocky twist as the riffs get slightly heavier than your average pop-punk band in places whilst front man Nick Lane’s vocals also have a rugged edge in places.

The EP title track ‘This One’s For You’ shows a softer side of the band as they sing about people having their 15 minutes of fame; Adam Jones is on top form here as his baselines shine throughout as well as his backing vocals working ever so well alongside the lead vocals of Nick Lane and the random short burst of heavy riffage and loud vocals are a welcome addition at the 2minute 20second mark.

‘Dreams Are For The Dreamers’ opens with some tasty riffs and repetitive backing chants of “hey, hey, hey, hey” and as the song progresses it features a few unexpected changes in direction as the band clearly show off their maturity and ability to write a song that is not predictable from the start.

The best song has clearly been left for the end as the EP closes with the riff-tastic ‘Carpe Diem’ a song which features the band going all out creating as much noise as possible in a much heavier and forceful way with massive chant-a-long backing vocals towards the middle of the song which is Cleary going to see Manhattan Coast have a lot of crowd participation at future shows.

‘This One’s For You’ is due for release on the 17th February and it coincides right with the bands tour of the UK so go out and support the UK’s pop/punk scene and pick up a copy of ‘This One’s For You’ where I challenge you to listen to the EP without humming, singing, bopping or tapping along as I swear it is pretty damn difficult.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Nick Lane
Geraint Rees
Adam Jones
Dan Ryan
 Track Listing

1. War On The Weekend
2. Monsoon Season In Machine City
3. This One’s For You
4. Dreams Are For The Dreamers
5. Carpe Diem

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