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Periphery - ClearPeriphery – Clear

Periphery are currently hard at work on their third studio album but have also managed to find time to create a new 7 track EP which runs for the best part of 30minutes and the EP is a progressive experiment for the band where each member of the band have controlled their own track and in places have gone downs routes that the band have never gone down before whilst also keeping true to themselves with the triple guitar assault and a big mix of heavy meets melodic.

The EP opens with ‘Overture’ a track which acts as a theatrical opening, the track is lead by a solid piano piece which gives off the impression that a blockbuster movie is about to start but instead Periphery blast straight into the super melodic ‘The Summer Jam’, a song which really shows off the impressive instrumental capabilities of the band as well as the clear cut vocals of Spencer Sotelo and aggressive backing screams from the rest of the band.

‘Feed The Ground’ follows on nicely from ‘The Summer Jam’ and progresses into a 5minute running catchy as hell track with big chugging guitar riffs, nu metal screams and general sounds of excellence gracing the airwaves for the majority of the song.

‘Zero’ and ‘Extraneous’ see Periphery let their instrumental work do the talking as both tracks are full on instrumental numbers and they really do show off the progressive nature of the band as they happily jam out for a long time with the massive variation of instrumental styles giving ‘Extraneous’ the edge over ‘Zero’.

The best track has Clearly been left until the end as ‘Pale Aura’ is such a mixed song opening full of aggression with big screams and chunky guitar riffs and then within seconds there is a big turnaround as the song goes all melodic and anthemic on you before another piano piece comes in to close the album in such a soft way.

‘Clear’ is a stop gap release for Periphery as they give their fans some new songs to listen to whilst they work on their next album and it see’s the band throw pretty much everything into the mix and come up with a big diverse sounding solid EP which is going to please fans of the band whilst also having the potential to grab the attention of first time listeners.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Misha Mansoor
Jake Bowen
Matt Halpern
Spencer Sotelo
Mark Holcomb
Adam "Nolly" Getgood
 Track Listing

1. Overture
2. The Summer Jam
3. Feed The Ground
4. Zero
5. The Parade Of Ashes
6. Extraneous
7. Pale Aura

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