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Neck Deep - Wishful ThinkingNeck Deep – Wishful Thinking

British Pop-punkers Neck Deep are starting the year as the mean to go on with the release of their debut album ‘Wishful Thinking’ which is due for release on the 13th January on Hopeless Records and I am sure the band are still counting down the days for the release date as after giving the album a quick listen it is safe to say that the band have put a hell of a lot into it and come up with the first full on catchy album of 2014 which the fans will be able to experience on the live circuit straight away as Neck Deep are heading out on tour in the UK from the 8th January right up until the 10th February before jetting off to American and touring right up until the start of April.

If you like listening to music that feels like it is charging towards you at 100 miles per hour then you are in luck with ‘Wishful Thinking’ the debut offering from Neck Deep as they have managed to create an incredibly catchy album which seriously oozes in fast paced riffs and infectious vocals which will have you hooked from the opening seconds of each and every song and that is a pretty outstanding offering for a debut album.

The album kicks off with ‘Loosing Teeth’ and it is the sheer passion and energy put into the song which makes it so fun to listen to as it is a big bouncy catchy number with extremely infectious vocals and well paced together instrumental work which bands in the same genre could only dream of pacing together as well as Neck Deep have here.

‘Crushing Grief (Losing Remedy)’ is the lead single to be taken from the album and the song is about being in a bad place and moving on from that bad place and I can guarantee that anyone who is in a bad mood when listening to the song will have that mood lifted temporarily as the band smash their way through the song in a massive infectious way.

‘Staircase Wit’ follows on the bouncy feel that the album opened with and proves to be another straight up catchy number. ‘Growing Pains’ is the latest single to be released from the album and just like ‘Crushing Grief (Losing Remedy)’ it is easy to see why the song has been picked as a single as it is a straight forward bouncy song which will have the listener singing at the top of their voice.

It’s not just the music of Neck Deep which is out to impress as the artwork is just as fantastic and reminds me of the film Big with the Zoltar fortune telling machine and with a song titled ‘Zoltar Speaks’ on the album you can tell that Neck Deep have done their creative homework.

Neck Deep are quite a new signing to the Hopeless Records roster and they fit the label perfectly as with ‘Wishful Thinking’ they have created an album which is crammed with 12 infectious songs and they are that infectious that I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to burn off the Christmas belly than whacking this album on your Ipod whilst racing around your local park.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Ben Barlow
Lloyd Roberts
Matt West
Fil Thorpe-Evans
Dani Washington
 Track Listing

1. Losing Teeth
2. Crushing Grief (New Remedy)
3. Staircase Wit
4. Damsel and Distress
5. Zoltar Speaks
6. Growing Pains
7. Say What You Want
8. Mileage
9. Sweet Nothings
10. What Did You Expect?
11. Blank Pages
12. Candour

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