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Patent Pending - BrighterPatent Pending – Brighter

The first time I came across Patent Pending was when they headed over to the UK for the first time to support Bowling For Soup in October 2012 and to coincide with that tour Patent Pending, Bowling For Soup and The Dollyrots all teamed up for the ‘One Big Happy’ album which featured each of the three bands cover one of each of the other bands songs and also featured a brand new song from each band with Patent Pending unleashing the super catchy ‘Psycho In Love’ whilst also covering ‘Hyperactive’ by The Dollyrots and ‘Shut Up And Smile’ by Bowling For Soup and they instantly became the stand out band from the compilation.

Now a year on and Patent Pending are back in the UK opening for Bowling For Soup on their last ever UK tour which happens to be a greatest hits tour where Bowling For Soup play over 30 songs from their back catalogue and Patent Pending get 45minutes to warm the crowd up with their infectious pop-punk and their songs and whole stage antics remind me exactly of how Bowling For Soup were back in the day and kind of still are.

To coincide with the Bowling For Soup tour Patent Pending have just released their latest studio album ‘Brighter’ which was fully funded through the fan funding site Pledge Music which happens to be a winner for bands and their fans these days as the band offer various different special experiences for different prices with the money being used to pay for the cost of creating the album which eliminates bands having to go through a record label and the worry that a record label is going to mess with their sound and style.

Brighter is a big fun pop punk album which kicks off with ‘There Was A Time’ which is a short and sweet song running for just under one minute which reminds me ever so much of current chart superstars Fun. ‘Shut It Down’ follows on from the opening track and from the off you can tell that the song is going to be a live favourite with opening chants of “O-wo-oh o-wo-o-oh o wo-o-o-oh” which get lodged in your head within seconds. ‘Let Go’ is a big fun fast paced bouncy song from start to finish which is as poppy as it is rocking with a slight gospel sounding spin off, lyrically the song is fun especially with the chants of “Fuck you”.

‘Hey Mario’ features Patent Pending at their best as they have created a 3minute song about everyone’s favourite Nintendo character and it is amazing how they have made the song sound so fun and catchy with classic Mario sounds and such creative and witty lyrics with Joe Ragosta singing “Mario get your shit together bro, you’ve got to know this princess isn’t worth these extra lives, just let her go (go go) Mario, you’re a next level bro and she’s a jump too short when the clock is running low” and also “You’re a plumber, a doctor, a race car driver, An athlete, a spaceman, a super smash survivor, you’ve got coins like mad, get a bachelor pad, down in cocoa beach, where the hunnies at” and anyone who has played any Mario game will appreciate the lyrics and maybe even think from the point of view of Patent Pending next time they are going mad collecting those coins.

The title track ‘Brighter’ is a big anthem, it takes it’s time to get going but when it does Patent Pending really do let rip and the lyrics give out a real positive message. ‘Classic You’ features Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup and is exactly what you would expect from Patent Pending teaming up with the Bowling For Soup frontman, the song is extremely infectious and equally sarcastic and funny. ‘The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief’ is like a big rock N' roll track with a pop pace and punk attitude and it is easily one of the stand out tracks from the album and also certain to be a live favourite as I can imagine thousands of people going large when this is played on the live circuit.

The album closes with ‘Damn!’ a song that sounds nothing like what you would expect from Patent Pending yet it is a perfect happy ending to such a solid album, but if you hang around for a few moments after ‘Damn!’ ends you are greeted with ‘Spin Me Around’ which is a beautiful sounding acoustic bonus track about being in love and growing old together.

It seems that Patent Pending have chose the right time to try and conquer the UK as they have enjoyed some successful tours over here alongside Bowling For Soup and now Bowling For Soups are calling it a day on touring the UK Patent Pending are the perfect band to fill the gap in the markey and they have done the maths by deciding to go it alone with a headline tour booked for April 2014 and on the back of their recent live shows and the 12 diverse tracks featured on Brighter I couldn’t think of a better time to get involved in the bright world of Patent Pending


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Joe Ragosta
Anthony Mingoia
Marc Kantor
Rob Felicetti
Corey DeVincenzo
 Track Listing
1. There Was A Time
2. Shut It Down
3. Let Go
4. Hey Mario
5. Battles
6. Brighter
7 . All-Star Hipster
8. Classic You (Feat. Jaret Reddick)
9. The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief
10. Falling Out Of Love
11. Damn!
12. Spin Me Around (Bonus Track)
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