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Medeia - IconoclasticMedeia – Iconoclastic

Finish technical metal gods Medeia are back with their fourth studio album ‘Iconoclastic’ which is a ten track long album which runs for just over 40minutes and has Cleary been created to be listened to at full volume as Medeia really have gone all out with big frantic riffs and general beefy soundscapes.

The album opens with the title track ‘Iconoclastic’ and what an opening it is, the song is full of big in your face guitar riffs which are seriously never ending, big drum beats and big gruff agressive vocals from Keijo Niinimaa, instrumentally in places the band remind me of my favourite Canadian metallers Protest The Hero and that is mainly due to the technicality of their riffs but what sets Medeia apart from Protest The Hero here is their sheer heaviness and big growly vocals which has been taken to the next level.

‘A Waste Of Skin’ opens with a similar style of technicality as the six members that make up Medeia go all out in a mad jamming rage creating big brutal sounds. ‘Dethroned’ is a full on brutal short song where Medeia really do bring the noise. ‘The Dominant Species’ opens with a beautiful sounding guitar intro and massive growls from Keijo Niinimaa and as the song progresses once again the band show off just how technical they can be.

‘Sleep’ happens to be the track which stands out the most on the album as it is easily the most accessible track and one that I can see people listening to again and again as it features the heaviness we have come to expect from Medeia from now but in places the song get’s melodic especially when the softer sounding female vocals come in which works so well alongside the aggressive vocals of Keijo Niinimaa.

Overall ‘Iconoclastic’ is a solid metal album where each and every member of Medeia shows off their skills and how talented they are as a band and the only negative point I can find within the album is that it is quite samey in places but that is soon forgotten when you get lost in Medeia’s aggressive sounds for the best part of 40minutes.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Keijo Niinimaa
Samuli Peltola
Laura Dziadulewicz
Samuli Kuusinen
Janne Putkisaari
Pekko Mörö
 Track Listing

1. Iconoclastic
2. A Waste of Skin
3. Sleep
4. Dethroned
5. The Dominant Species
6. Prophecy
7. Loyalty Kills
8. Misery Prevails
9. Reverence
10. Redefining Hell

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