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Crash Mansion - Live For SomethingCrash Mansion - Live For Something

At the moment there are so many solid alternative bands flying the British flag and showing that the Brits can rock as much or if not more than bands from overseas and the latest British band to catch my eye are Essex five piece Crash Mansion who I originally came across when they played the Download Festival back in June where front man Chris Page was greeting the crowd and giving out flyers to get people to catch their set later in the day over at the Jagermeister stage but sadly they clashed with Stone Sour so never got to see them at Download, but since Download Crash Mansion went on to release their catchy single 'Money' which instantly caught my attention and now they are set to release their brand new 5 track EP 'Live For Something' which is due for release on the 7th October.

The EP opens with the big in your face rifftastic 'Your Prision', the song is extremely energetic and punchy sounding and as soon as Chris Page’s vocals come in he will have you in the palm of his hand as he screams and sings in such a diverse way whilst the rest of the band come together to lay down big guitar riffs, soaring basslines and thumping drum beats.

The EP title track 'Live For Something' comes thrashing at you with riffs which feel like they are being played at 100 miles per hour, the song is mega fast and powerful throughout as Crash Mansion blast their way through a heavy yet infectious number.
Lead single 'Money' is easily the stand out track on the EP and that is mainly due to the big infectious radio friendly nature of the song as once the chorus kicks in you will find yourself hooked and singing along.

'Hell And Desire' really thrives on big in your face instrumental work, the song and not to forget the infectious chorus which Chris Page executes with such energy and passion.

The EP comes to an end with 'The Other Side' a song where drummer Kris Donnelly really starts to shine as his content drum beats are right at the centre of the song as he bashes his kit like his life depends on it, epically towards the end of the track where things get a bit technical.

2013 has been a big year for Crash Mansion so far and I can see that the release of 'Live For Something' giving them even more amazing opportunities and increasing their fan base once people catch on to the excellence that is 'Live For Something'.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Chris Page
Sam Scarlett
Phil Maher
Kris Donnelly
Dan Philpot
 Track Listing

1. Your Prison
2. Live For Something
3. Money
4. Hell And Desire
5. The Otherside

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