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The Pink Spiders - Little RazorbladeThe Pink Spiders - Little Razorblade

To be honest im quite new to the Tennessee three piece band The Pink Spiders but they have a slight geeky, Weezer look and sound about them with their trademark pink, white and jet black clothing giving them style and a sound of old school rock mixed with pop punk. It is no surprise really as the bands forthcoming album 'Teenage Graffiti' is being produced by Ric Ocasek who is famed for his work with Weezer.

'Little Razorblade' is the main single to be released from the bands forthcoming album and is such a catchy number. It has a bit of a 60's feel about it with simple guitar work but some stunning hooks in places. Vocalist Matt Friction's vocals are easy to fall in love with and have a slight Rivers Cuomo's feel. The song is full of energy and really infectious making you hooked to 'Little Razorblade' straight away.

The Pink Spiders have the potential to become pretty huge especially if their forthcoming album 'Teenage Graffiti' is full of songs as good as or better than 'Little Razorblade' as the single manages to make old rock and roll sound fresh and new with a catchier vibe.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Pink Spiders - Band
Matt Friction (guitar and vocals)
Jon Decious (bass)
Bob Ferrari (drums)
Dick Competiton (guitar and keyboard).
 Track Listing
1. Little Razorblade
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