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Otep - HydraOtep – Hydra

13 years strong this year for nu-metal act Otep, forming in the turn of the millennium these guys have put out 2 EP’s and this right here makes for their 6th studio album, not only that but lead vocalist and only remaining original member Otep Shamaya has stated outright that this will be the bands final album. They are renowned for their extremely sinister music with extremely ranged vocals reminiscent of a tortured soul dwelling in the depths of hell, like Samara from The Ring if she could sing.

Now the music Otep produce has always been of an extremely violent and sinister nature, Shamaya has the vocal style that is so aggressively horrifying you would think they took her from behind the high priority locked door within a mental asylum after she had been abused and drugged all of her life. One minute there will be heavy breathing alongside whispered dark poetry if you will which is creepy as hell but then the guitar tone will drop and these twisted tortured screams will bellow out like something from an exorcism. This is more like the soundtrack to a film like Saw as opposed to an album that I would enjoy driving around to or blasting at the gym, but not all of Otep’s music has been like this as “Blood Pigs” was one of my favourite songs during my teens as there was a rhythm to go along to and a thick riff with accompanying vocal melodies that were still just as sinister, whereas here it feels like the musical accompaniment is just here as a backing to Shamaya’s vocals to not make it seem like an audio diary of a mad woman.

So then in my personal opinion this isn’t exactly a successful send of for Otep, maybe they should have just called it quits after their last one. It isn’t exactly awful but let’s put it like this; I won’t be listening to Hydra again after today, it’s just not for me, I’ll stick with The Ascension and Sevas Tra thank you very much.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Otep Shamaya
Markus Estrada
 Track Listing

1. Rising
2. Blowtorch Nightlight
3. Seduce & Destroy
4. Crush
5. Hematopia
6. Necromantic
7. Quarantine
8. Voyeur
9. Apex Predator
10. Feral Game
11. Livestock
12. Hag
13. Theophagy

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