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Newton Faulkner - Studio ZooNewton Faulkner – Studio Zoo

Newton Faulkner is due to release his fourth studio album ‘Studio Zoo’ on the 26th August and he made the whole recording process special for both himself and his fans as from the 11th June Faulkner set up his home studio with 4 cameras to record his every movement for 5 weeks 24/7 in a sort of special Big Brother meets the Truman Show kind of experience where his fans also had the opportunity to interact with Faulkner and influence decisions on the album.

‘Studio Zoo’ is easily the biggest album that Faulkner has ever worked on just for the fact that he allowed the world to watch his every move solidly for 5 weeks and the fact that he wrote, preformed, produced and recorded the album all from scratch by himself in his home studio which is not a first for Faulkner as this is a formula that he is well use to now he is 4 albums in but it is the first time he has done it in a Big Brother style experience.

After listening to ‘Studio Zoo’ a few times over I can confirm that Faulkner still is a solo singer songwriter genius and has now got another solid album to his name, the album features 13 tracks and runs for just under 50minutes, the majority of the album is a lot more laid back and dreamy from his previous albums but there are still a few upbeat gems that are bound to find themselves gracing the airwaves of the radio when they are released as singles in the near future.

The album opens with ‘Where To Start’ which kicks off with really beautiful sounding guitar riffs where Faulkner really shows off his folk routes, vocally the song is very dreamy sounding as Faulkner croons his way through the song whilst really showing off his guitar skills as he technically picks his way through the 3minute track.

‘Treading Water’ is an extremely relaxed song where the instrumental work is minimal with Faulkner pretty much softly singing over a repetitive drum beat, it is the kind of song best experienced in a chilled out environment such as being in a coffee shop catching up with a friend or generally on a lazy Sunday afternoon where all you want to do is lay down and think about the world.

With ‘Plastic Hearts’ Faulkner really shows off his skills as he gets all technical with his guitar as let’s face it despite being the master of chilled out music Faulkner is also the master of showing off when it comes to strumming his guitar as he is forever getting all technical but it is something he does with ease, vocally the song is quite repetitive and extremely chilled out.

‘Indecisive’ is a beautiful sounding song and a lot different sounding from the material found on Faulkner’s previous albums and for this reason alone I can really see this being released as a single in the near future as Faulkner really goes for it with his vocals in a way where it seems he is so into what he is doing that he nearly forgets to come up for air.

The first single to be taken from the album is the upbeat ‘Losing Ground’ it features all the elements of classic Faulkner material and is generally such a joy to listen to as the song has pop elements but still keeps true to the raw laid back style that Faulkner has mastered over the years.

The likes of ‘At The Seams’, ‘ Innocent’, ‘Waiting On You’ and album closer ‘Orange Skies’ all have the potential to be future singles and all for different reason as not one of the four songs sound remotely similar, yet the group sounding vocals of “ooooooh” perfectly close the album in ‘Orange Skies’.

It’s crazy to think that only 13 months ago Newton Faulkner released his third studio album ‘Write It On Your Skin’ and here he is after touring that album solidly ready to release his fourth studio album ‘Studio Zoo’ which proves that Faulkner is not only one of the most talented male solo songwriters but is also one of the most hard working artists in the UK at the moment.


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Newton Faulkner
 Track Listing

1. Where to Start
2. Treading Water
3. Plastic Hearts
4. Indecisive
5. Just Outside
6. Losing Ground
7. At the Seams
8. In My Head
9. Don't Make Me Go There
10. Lay Down
11. Waiting on You
12. Innocent
13. Orange Skies

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