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Iwrestledabearonce - Late For NothingIwrestledabearonce – Late For Nothing

Iwrestledabearonce have just released their third studio album ‘Late For Nothing’ on Century Media Records and the album proves to be an extremely important release for the band as it is their first album since lead vocalist Krysta Cameron left the band to have a baby whilst her good friend Courtney LaPlante joined the band and it is sad to say that the vocals from Courtney LaPlante do not pack the same punch as those of Krysta Cameron, but don’t let that put you off giving the album a listen as if you are a fan of the bands previous material this is just as psychotic sounding.

The album opens with ‘Thunder Chunky’ a song which opens in quite a strong sounding way with big chunky technical guitar riffs and constant drum beats and when Courtney LaPlante get’s screaming she really does sound in her element but when she goes down the more melodic singing route things sound slightly out of place as her vocals rise too high above the music which I am sure is down to the production of the song but either way it sounds oddly out of place, as the song progresses it ends up turning into a mad song that doesn’t know if it’s coming or going.

‘Letters To Stallone’ is quite a listenable track but once again it is the clean cut singing from Courtney LaPlante which really lets the song down as her vocals come across quite odd over the progressive and hectic instrumental work and once again I don’t know if this is down to the production of the song or the fact that she is out of her comfort song when it comes to the clean singing parts because I know for a fact she is in her element when she is laying down those aggressive screams which this track sadly lacks in.

Instrumentally ‘Snake Charmer’ is an absolute joy to listen to as the band go all out with their technical sounds gracing the airwaves and the song comes across with a slight death metal sound when Courtney LaPlante loses herself with her extremely aggressive screams which really do pack an almighty punch here.

For the majority ‘Boat Paddle’ features Courtney LaPlante laying down her more clean cut sing-a-long vocals and she sounds quite good hear but as soon as she returns to the clean cut singing after screaming her lungs out you can’t help but wonder if she is enjoying herself as something just doesn’t sound right.

For me ‘I’d Buy That For A Dollar’ is a song where the latest incarnation of Iwrestledabearonce have truly found their sound as the song is extremely hectic sounding and Courtney LaPlante lays down some solid vocals which sound spot of as she goes down both the screamo and clean cut route but sadly it comes across to little to late.

With ‘Late For Nothing’ I feel that Iwrestledabearonce have done the best with a poor situation as instrumentally the band have a lot to offer, they may well sound as confused as they always have but they surely do know how to keep you on your toes as a listener but it is the vocals where ‘Late For Nothing’ fails as it is clear to say that if Krysta Cameron hadn’t left the band to have a baby she would be here in full force laying down the vocals that the fans have come to love and expect from Iwrestledabearonce but sadly despite her good moments Courtney LaPlante’s vocals really are not cut out for the future of Iwrestledabearonce and I am sure that the fans are living in hope that Krysta Cameron will return in the future.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Steven Bradley
John Ganey
Mike "Rickshaw" Martin
Mikey Montgomery
Courtney LaPlante
 Track Listing

1. Thunder Chunky
2. Letters to Stallone
3. Snake Charme
4. Boat Paddle
5. Firebees
6. Mind the Gap
7. Carnage Asada
8. The Map
9. That's a Horse of a Different Color
10. I'd Buy That for a Dollar
11. Inside Job
12. It Don't Make Me No Nevermind

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