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Valfader - Whispers Of ChaosValfader – Whispers Of Chaos

Valfader are a trio of musicians from bath made up of Dean Gaylard (guitar, vocals) Matt Jones (bass) and Gareth Jones (Drums) and they are set to release their debut EP ‘Whispers Of Chaos on Monday 21st October.

‘Whispers Of Chaos’ is a 4 track EP which technically plays out like an album due to the fact that each track on the EP runs from 8 – 11 minutes with the whole EP clocking up at just under the 40minute mark, through listening to the EP you can see influences of bands like Led Zeppelin, Opeth, Tool, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Dream Theatre and Queens Of The Stone Age.

The EP opens with the title track ’Whispers Of Chaos’ and the song is like a big psychedelic musical creation with no vocals in place, within the first couple of minutes the song sounds a bit tinny and amateur sounding but as the song progresses it morphs into an intense listen where you really start to hear and appreciate what solid musicians these guys are.

‘Green Sleeps’ opens sounding so close to the music of Black Sabbath and continue to do so throughout, the vocals from Dean Gaylard come in just after the one minute mark and my god they sound nothing like I was expecting and sound slightly out of place but luckily as the song progresses Dean shows off the versatility of his vocals and quickly wins me over.

‘D.M.T’ is a dreamy sounding stoner rock track whilst EP closer ‘Sacred Spiral’ runs for a massive 11minutes and 18seconds and once again really shows off the instrumental abilities of Valfader with vocalist Dean Gaylard taking a much more gruff sounding approach to his vocals giving the song a deep and dark feel.

It is safe to say that Valfader are a bunch of talented musicians and they have done well with their debut EP ‘Whispers Of Chaos’, it is a beastly release clocking in at just under 40minutes but if you give it the time and effort that it deserves then you will enjoy the rewards in no time as it is not every day that you get to hear a bunch of stoner Brits lay down some impressive sounds that run for such a huge amount of time.


Review by Trigger

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1. Whispers of Chaos
2. Green Sleeps
3. D.M.T (Death Meets Truth)
4. Sacred Spiral

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