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Good Charlotte - Good Morning RevivalGood Charlotte - Good Morning Revival

Good Charlotte are back with their forth album 'Good Morning Revival' which is the follow up to 2004's 'The Chronicles Of Life And Death'. Every Good Charlotte album release has seen the band change their sound ever so slightly with their debut self titled album being poppy punk, their second album 'The Young And the Hopeless' being more poppy than punk, their third album 'The Chronicles Of Life And Death' taking a more grown up darker approach but still maintaining the catchy choruses the band are loved for. Then there’s the bands latest album 'Good Morning Revival' which sees the band sound more mature than ever and the addition of dance beats and electronics added into their sound making way for their most daring album to date.

I have always been a fan of Good charlotte and have never doubted them until I heard their recent single 'Keep Your Hand Off My Girl' which is their lead single that they are using to promote 'Good Morning Revival' which, in my opinion is a bad move as the song has Joel Madden sounding like he wants to be a rapper and has really cheesy lyrics name checking the designer world and is luckily the only bad song on the album in my opinion.

'Good Morning Revival' opens with its self-titled musical introduction before kicking straight into ‘Misery’, which has a really catchy vibe about it and doesn’t move far away from previous Good Charlotte songs. Track Three,’ The River' is one of the many highlights of the album with its dark Alkaline Trio vibe. The track features M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold on guest vocals, which work so well along side Joel Maddens vocals and slightly outshine him. Track four 'Dance Floor Anthem' is my favourite track on the album and is shouting out to be the bands next single, it has a slight Fall Out Boy feeling about it and is the kind of song that would fill an alternative clubs dance floor.

Not only have Good Charlotte changed their sound majorly and for the better but they use a lot of different sounds and sound similar to other bands in places like the running piano piece in 'Where Would We Be Now' making the band sound like a more upbeat version of Coldplay. 'A Beautiful Place' is another mellower song and sees the band take on another Coldplay style piano piece. All on black has a dark musical introduction sounding like you have just walked into a funeral but soon perks up with Joel Madden naming a lot of different black stuff. 'Something Else' is quite a mellow song with a really upbeat chorus that you will be singing instantly. The depressing sound of 'March On' closes the album.

With 'Good Morning Revival' Good Charlotte have written the best album of their career so far and with over half of the album good enough to be released as singles it does make you wonder why they chose the dreadful 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' to be released as the lead single from the album as its more likely to lose them fans rather than gain them new fans. Lets hope they release 'The River' or 'Dance Floor Anthem' sharp to give people a real taster of this stunning album.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Good Charlotte - Band
Joel Madden (Lead vocals )
Benji Madden (Rhythm guitar and backing vocals)
Billy Martin (Lead guitar, keyboard, backing vocals)
Paul Thomas (Bass guitar)
Dean Butterworth (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Good morning Revival (intro)
2. Misery
3. The River (featuring M.Shadows and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold)
4. Dance Floor Anthem
5. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
6. Victims Of Love
7. Where Would We Be ?
7. Break Her Heart
8. All Black
9. A Beautiful Place
10. Something Else
11. Broken Hearts Parade
12. March On
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