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Pump Action Radio - Cheating PerfectionPump Action Radio – Cheating Perfection

Bournemouth rockers Pump Action Radio are gearing up to release their debut 4 track EP ‘Cheating Perfection’ on Monday 16th September and it is about time as the band have enjoyed themselves on the live circuit supporting the likes of Attack! Attack!, Sonic Boom Six, Spunge, 4FT Fingers, Reef, Natives and many other bands from the English pop, punk, rock scene.

As soon as you hear the chugging guitar riffs that open ‘Famous’ you start to sense that the next 20minutes are going to be great and as soon as the melodic vocals from Jim Dyke come in the greatness is pretty much confirmed as the band bounce their way through the amazingly catchy ‘Famous’.

Title track ‘Cheating Perfection’ is a pure catchy pop-punk song which becomes even more infectious when they explosive chorus kicks in. ‘The Difference’ starts off with some powerful near spoken word vocals with minimal instrumental work going on but as soon as the song reaches the 25 second mark it becomes a beautiful sounding pop-punk summer anthem. ‘Pow!! Right In The Kisser’ opens with song banging drum beats and is instrumentally the hardest hitting track on the EP and proves to be the perfect closing moment for the EP and the song oozes in excellence.

If you like pop-punk then give Pump Action Radio a listen as their EP is one that you can easily get into and is one that you will find yourself listening to a few times over and I am sure it will be good to get those catchy lyrics lodged into your head before you head down to one of their live shows as I am sure that the last quarter of 2013 will be when these guys go tour crazy.


Review by Trigger

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1. Famous
2. Cheating Perfection
3. The Difference
4. Pow!! Right In The Kisserun Comes Up

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