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Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue (Acoustic)Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue (Acoustic)

In 2003 Yellowcard released their breakthrough album ‘Ocean Avenue’ the album has now gone on and sold over 1 million copies becoming the most successful album release of Yellowcards lengthy career, now 10 years on Yellowcard have just re-recorded ‘Ocean Avenue’ in an acoustic format and are due to release it on the 13th August to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the original albums release.

With the re-working of ‘Ocean Avenue’ Yellowcard have managed to keep the arrangements pretty much spot on to the original and just toned down the guitars and forceful nature of some of songs, take album opener ‘Way Away’ for example, the original version of the songs come in at 100 miles per hour with Yellowcard showing off everything that is good about punk in a fast paced 3minutes, the re-working of the song is arranged in the same way but instead of having a big in your face guitar piece leading the song you have a tinny sounding acoustic guitar and beautiful violin sounds and Ryan Key fully shining with his solid vocals which have come on leaps and bounds over the years.

I always classed ‘Oceans Avenue’ as the heavy Yellowcard album because if you compare it to any of their other albums especially their most recent releases the songs have a pure punk vibe running through where everything has been turned up a couple of extra notches where as their latest releases have sat right in the middle of the pop-punk territory leaning more towards pop than it does punk, and this is why it is good to hear the likes of ‘Breathing’, ‘Life Of A Salesman’, ‘Only One’ and ‘Believe’ in a more toned down sing-a-long format, with ‘Believe’ being one of the strongest tracks on offer due to it maintaining the epic opening.

‘View From Heaven’ and ‘Ocean Avenue’ are both right up there with ‘Believe’ as being the best tracks on the album with ‘View From Heaven’ standing out not only because of its well written lyrics but also for the fact that Yellowcard have included a fun sounding banjo piece, ‘Ocean Avenue’ is the song which pushed Yellowcard into the major league of punk and it sounds so good hearing the song in a more raw stripped down way sounding like a summer party anthem, whilst ‘Believe’ you just need to listen to the pace of the beautiful violins which are so pleasing on the ears.

‘Ocean Avenue (Acoustic)’ is like a thank you to the fans from Yellowcard as we all know that Yellowcard fans are suckers for acoustic music mainly due to the fact that Yellowcard really do own it when they go down the acoustic route, they re-released their 2011 album ‘When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes’ and for me personally I happen to listen to the acoustic offering more than the standard release because I just find myself getting lost in the music more and enjoying every second, ‘Ocean Avenue (Acoustic)’ is a must have for all Yellowcard fans and I just hope that in 3 years time that Yellowcard decide to give ‘Lights And Sounds’ the acoustic treatment.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Ryan Key
Sean Mackin
Ryan Mendez
Longineu Parsons III
Josh Portman
 Track Listing

1. Way Away
2. Breathing
3. Ocean Avenue
4. Empty Apartment
5. Life Of A Salesman
6. Only One
7. Miles Apart
8. Twentythree
9. View From Heaven
10. Inside Out
11. Believe
12. One Year, Six Months
13. Back Home

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