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Xtra Mile High Club Vol 4: Great HangsXtra Mile High Club Vol 4: Great Hangs

Xtra Mile Recordings is one of the most talked about and exciting independent record labels in the UK who have such a strong roster of bands which features the likes of Sonic Boom Six, Frank Turner, Dave Hause, Franz Nicolay, The Xcerts, Straight Lines, Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun, Ben Marwood, River Boat Gamblers and many other impressive artists, in fact the label and their artists are so sought after that this year the 2000 Trees festival in Cheltenham turned the Greenhouse stage into the Xtra Mile Recordings stage which went down an storm.

Currently Xtra Mile Recordings are celebrating 10 years in the business and have just released their latest compilation album ‘Xtra Mile High Club Vol4: Great Hangs’ to coincide with this and the compilation is jam packed with 24 tracks featuring 24 different acts on the Xtra Mile Recordings roster.

‘Xtra Mile High Club Vol 4: Great Hangs’ is a solid release and very diverse at the same time as one minute you will be listening to the heavily ska sounding ‘Virus’ by Sonic Boom Six, then moments later Dave Hause will be pleasing your ears with the laid back acoustic ‘Melanin’ before Beans On Toast treats you to ‘Beer And A Burger’, then the Riverboat Gamblers come on with raw sounding ‘Comedians’ before Frank Turner and co give your head a pounding with ‘Casual Threats From The Weekend Hardman’ from his new post-hardcore project Mongol Horde.

Overall this compilation album is the perfect way for Xtra Mile Recordings to promote their bands as let’s face it anyone who managed to check out at least one Xtra Mile band at 2000 Trees or happened to see one of the many Xtra Mile artists support Frank Turner on his frequent UK tours would be stupid not to pick up a copy of this as it simply a 24 step guide on everything that is great with Xtra Mile Recordings.


Review by Trigger

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1. Sonic Boom Six - Virus
2. Chris T-T and The Hoodrats - Idris Lung
3. Dave Hause- Melanin
4. Franz Nicolay - Frankie Stubbs' Tears
5. Crazy Arm - Oh Death/Hell To Pay
6. Frank Turner - Tattoos
7. Ben Marwood - Under Lock & Key
8. Larry and His Flask - Pandemonium
9. Tim Barry - Amen
10. Beans On Toast -Beer & A Burger
11. Vinnie Caruana - To Be Dead & In Love
12. The Retrospective Soundtrack Players - Catcher In The Rye
13. The Riverboat Gamblers- Comedians
14. The Xcerts- Young (Belane) alt version.
15. Fighting Fiction - The Long and Short of It
16. Mull Historical Society -You Can Get Better
17. Drag The River - History With History
18. Glossary - Heart Full of Wanna
19. Ghouls - Oceans (live)
20. Fighting With Wire - Blackout
21. Mongol Horde - Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen
22. Future Of The Left - I Am The Least Of Your Problems
23. Straight Lines - Ring The Bells
24. Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun - England's Dead

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