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Ghost - InfestissumamGhost – Infestissumam

Ghost are just completely something else; from their extremely distinctive music, right down to their onstage persona. They may have only released their debut in 2010 but by God have they already gained such an impressive following in that short amount of time which gives you a great idea as to how impressive they really are. Their debut completely baffled me as I was not expecting anything like that; unique, distinctive and downright eerie on the whole. The fact that they’ve got this far and gained all this popularity but all of their identities still remain a mystery is such an impressive feat, but having said that the band have released the album with a slightly different name (Ghost B.C.) and using an apparent controversial cover that was apparently almost refused printing they’re back with their next full length release.

From the get go it’s clear they’ve favoured the elemental structure of progressive rock as opposed to their sinister debut, a lot of people have slated this album to high hell and I can see why as they’ve almost completely gone in a different direction but me personally? While I have to agree with that as It wasn’t what I was expecting after a debut like that but I found it an enjoyable bouncy listen. In retrospect it is a bad move for them to have made because people become very glued to the sound of a band and when it changes they don’t respond too kindly and while I enjoyed it I still thought it lacked something special to make it memorable, I can’t see many songs off the album being chanted in arena’s around the world should Ghost progress to that point in all honesty because they are lacking in comparison to their predecessors.

To sum up; an enjoyable listen now and again with an upbeat feel and bouncy tunes, nowhere near destined to become a timeless classic sought out by fans across the world, completely lacking in everything that made everybody fall in love with Ghost. I wouldn’t give up on the act though as their live set is still intact and who knows if they layer their setlist right, they could really make this work within their shows to keep everything fresh.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Papa Emeritus II
 Track Listing

1. Infestissumam
2. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
3. Secular Haze
4. Jigolo Har Megiddo
5. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
6. Year Zero
7. Body And Blood
8. Idolatrine
9. Depth Of Satan’s Eyes
10. Monstrance Clock

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