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Noah And The Whale - Heart Of NowhereNoah And The Whale – Heart Of Nowhere

Noah And The Whale are responsible for some of the most irritating catchy songs of the past 5 years with the likes of ‘L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N’, ‘Tonight’s The Kind Of Night’ and ‘Life Is Life’ dominating the airwaves and also gaining huge reactions at the festival circuit which Noah And The Whale relentlessly play each and every summer.

Well Noah And The Whale are now back with their new studio album ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ which features 10 new tracks which all have the potential to become fan favourites. The album opens with a short instrumental introduction before blasting into the title track ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ which is full of violins, bouncy basslines which help to maintain such a positive grove through, vocally you have Charlie Fink laying down his loud and clear vocals whilst guest vocalist Anna Calvi comes in with a fantastic vocal performance which is easily going to help ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ become the anthem of the summer for many people, especially when it is released as a single in the near future and graces the airwaves on regular rotation.

The two singles ‘Lifetime’ and ‘There Will Come A Time’ which have already been released are easily a duo of strong tracks from the album and it is so easy to see why they were chosen to be released as singles as ‘Liftime’ pays homage to the bands folk background whilst maintaining the catchiness that Noah And The Whale are known for, whilst ‘There Will Come A Time’ also stays true to the bands folk routes yet is vocally massive with such a big build up when Charlie Fink starts singing “There will come a time, there will come a time” over and over again.

‘Still After All These Years’ is a beautiful number and really does have the potential to become a future single just for the fact that it has such a nice simple beat and stunning guitar line running throughout the song with well written lyrics covered so well by Charlie Fink.

Album closer ‘Not Too Late’ is a perfect finish to the album instrumental work is really toned down whilst Charlie Fink put’s everything into his strong vocal performance as he sings “I wanna give you a job, but I can’t, Wanna find my own way to be a man, I wanna fight in a war, Don’t wanna raise my hand, I wanna find my own why to be a man” with such passion.

I feel that ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ is a progression from ‘Last Night On Earth’ and shows a much more mature side to Noah And The Whale but I do feel that the album lacks the big catchy sing-a-long choruses that ‘Last Night On Earth’ had to offer, but don’t let that put you off checking out ‘Heart Of Nowhere’ as there are still some great songs on offer.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Charlie Fink
Tom Hobden
Matt "Urby Whale" Owens
Fred Abbott
Michael Petulla
 Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Heart of Nowhere (feat. Anna Calvi)
3. All Through the Night
4. Lifetime
5. Silver and Gold
6. One More Night
7. Still After All These Years
8. There Will Come a Time
9. Now Is Exactly the Time
10. Not Too Late

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