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Wednesday 13 - The Dixie DeadWednesday 13 – The Dixie Dead

So Wednesday 13, the man responsible for the likes of Murderdolls, Maniac Spider Trash and Frankenstein’s Drag Queens has decided to put forward his 5th solo full length studio album in 2013 which means the return of the cheesy horror references and the over use of fuck (specifically “motherfucker”). In my opinion Wednesday’s greatest solo album was his Second release “Fang Bang” Closely followed by his debut “Transylvania 90210”, after this “Skeletons” had a few great tracks but the rest passed me by, 2011’s “Calling All Corpses” was also a hit and miss act to be honest some were excellent and some were a bit boring either because they were too cheesy or they lacked interesting musical accomplice. My hopes for “The Dixie Dead” aren’t exactly high it’s more of a safe bet that the material will be on par with previous work but nothing out of the ordinary.

Well after having spun the album into the ground I think I pretty much hit the nail on the head with my generalisation, it is a good album don’t get me wrong but the material here is pretty much exactly the same as everything that has come before. Starting with “Bloodsucker” what is present includes an expressive use of a lot of his favourite words and horror clichés as expected on the heavier side of the spectrum; then you’ve also got the southern style tracks that he has also made famous like “The Dixie Dead”, “Curse the Living” and “Too Fast For Blood”. More of the heavier songs on the record include “Hands of the Ripper”, “Get Your Grave On” and “Hail Ming”. There are a couple of songs that I’d like to give a special mention to; starting with “Ghost Stories” which has the same themes but a vast sense of melody and softer tone with ominous accompaniment, it’s definitely something I really wasn’t expecting. Next up is “Fuck You (In Memory Of)” which feels as though it belongs on the “Fang Bang” record as it’s upbeat, punchy and generally feel good another type of song I didn’t foresee but finally I’d like to mention is “Carol Anne… They’re Here” which is a strange combination of both previous songs.

Those last 3 songs definitely peaked my interest in Wednesday with the rest being more or less exactly what I was expecting them to be, but the fact after all these years in the business in the same genre he can still push out even a simmer of growth in his music is an impressive feat on its own, I’m still yet to see him perform live with his own act but from what I saw with Murderdolls I ain’t expecting all that much, but hey I’ve been took a back here maybe he’ll do that again.


Review by James Webb

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Wednesday 13
 Track Listing
1. Death Arise – Intro
2. Blood Sucker
3. Get Your Grave On
4. Curse The Living
5. Too Fast For Blood
6. Hail Ming
7. Coming Attractions
8. The Dixie Dead
9. Ghost Stories
10. Fuck You (In Memory Of)
11. Carol Anne…They’re Here
12. Hands Of The Ripper
13. Death Arise – Overture
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