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Incite - All Out WarIncite – All Out War

Incite is a little band from Pheonix, Arizona whose frontman is the stepson of legendary thrash icon Max Cavalera, they’ve been together since 2004 but Richie Cavalera is now the sole original member in the current line up. They’ve released 1 EP and 2 studio albums, “The Slaughter” coming through in 2009 and then followed through with 2012’s “All Out War” which I’m about to break down and pick through its elements to see if it’s any good or not.

I didn’t think I would but I’m actually really digging this stuff, it’s packed full of power riffs and aggressive tones strewn together through a exhilarating 10 tracks with no build up, break or cool down at all. Their new guitarist has really pushed this material up in quality as he can blast those licks and hooks out like no one’s business, “Feel The Flames” would be the best place to start if you need any convincing. Growing up on the heavy metal scene Richie Cavalera is very well educated on what needs to be done and it shines through immensely during this album, barking out those screams and growls with ease and mixes well with the harsh tones provided by the guitars to really capture aggression and anger in its purest form. Opener “The Aftermath”, “Nothing Remains” and “Die Alone” are my favourites as they are extremely diverse, use alternative tricks and styles to expand their horizons and make for some beasty tunes.

So youngsters can live up to legends if they really put the effort in, this much is clear from this album alone as they may have used the Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy links to bump themselves up but hey when you have the tools you might as well use them! Once you get past their musical heritage and links they are a ferocious little beast of a unit and have earned their praises on their own merit.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Richie C
Gene Macazan
Lennon Lopez
Christopher EL
 Track Listing
1. The Aftermath
2. 4Ever Loko
3. Feel The Flames
4. Hopeless
5. Retaliation
6. Exposed
7. Nothing Remains
8. Die Alone
9. Consequences Of Life
10. Departure
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