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Nonpoint have been kicking around the Nu-Metal scene since 1997, which makes their career thus far around 16 years. Alongside those 16 years they’ve put out (including this new one) seven full length studio albums and to be fair that’s not to be looked down on. Saw them perform at download 2011 and I thought they were good but a little bit annoying, you never see them touring the UK and if they do it’s a one off date or the promotion is awful so nobody knows about it.

I’ve seen posts around stating that these guys are slowly selling out into the mainstream alongside the likes of Nickelback, Limp Bizkit and other acts that have developed their style into more popular pastures of the music industry but in all fairness I love both Nickelback and Limp Bizkit because yes I can see what people mean but I still think what they do sounds great so who cares! Same rule applies to Nonpoint’s latest self titled album, sure it doesn’t quite have the same spark that their past records did have which was all rooted in their dirty tones over heavy riffs, that has been toned back a bit but still after the intro of “Lights, Camera, Action” you can feel that the heart is still there. I mean songs like “Temper” and “Go Time” are just as powerful as ever so the comments I’ve been seeing in my opinion aren’t completely justified, thick tone with nice riffs which is exactly what Nonpoint have always been about.

To lay it on the line, I like it and that’s the end of that, people can say whatever they want in regards to albums “selling out” or “being crap” which I do on a daily basis, does not mean they are suitable for other people, its just 1 persons opinion, go grab a copy, give it a listen and if you like it nice one there’s some new tunes for you, if not flog it to somebody else or trade it in, music makes the world a happier place at times.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Elias Soriano
Dave Lizzio
Rasheed Thomas
Adam Woloszyn
 Track Listing
1. Lights, Camera, Action
2. The Way I See Things
3. I Said It
4. Left For You
5. International Crisis
6. Another Mistake
7. That Day
8. Pandora’s Box
9. Go Time
10. Independence Day
11. Temper
12. Ashes
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