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The Last Legion - ConspireThe Last Legion – Conspire

So this has come through the door, stating that this is a new EP from a 5 piece progressive metalcore band based in our country’s capital. The Last Legion have been going now for 3 years and “Conspire” certainly has been hyped and certainly all the well designed advertisements and the cover itself certainly draw the eyes attention, my main though is normally you’re either progressive rock or progressive metal, or even Djent now a days but progressive metalcore? Let’s see what that is all about.

Yeah this is not worthy to have the “progressive” stamp on it, it’s like a metalcore turning deathcore act that is still resisting the change and clinging to the metalcore label, some of the breakdowns aren’t so much technical and progressive as just heavy. “Guardian” is a pretty beasty track that I can get into as its heavy and has a great mesh of growls with clean and distortion with clean that makes for some good metalcore material. “Beakbreakers” is the same sort of thing with a bit more complex riffage which turns what I thought to be a simplistic style into an enjoyable listen.

I tell you what, I think with a bit of work these guys could actually make a name for themselves; I think the high pitched screams need a bit of work as its more like a man being raped than singing at the moment but the growls are perfect as are the clean, at times the structure can get a bit too hectic too not really knowing whether to bang your head but then it silences and you feel like a twat, the melodic side of things they have down too though. So all in all as you can tell I’m impressed with this small display of material, few tweaks here and there and I’d put money on them making it big somewhere down the line.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Ali Marshall
Chris Tierney
Alex Bramwell
Jake Ardley
 Track Listing
1. Guardian
2. Beakbreakers
3. Standing Like Steel
4. Angels and Demands
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