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Hold The Fight - With A Breath And A HopeHold The Fight – With A Breath And A Hope

The past 12 months have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Hold The Fight as back in 2012 a member of the band departed leaving the band quickly dropping into a three piece, and luckily after a bit of time getting used to the line up change the band were motivated and started work on their mini album ‘With A Breath And A Hope’ and soon headed into the studio with Matt O’Grady to complete work on the mini album which they are now gearing up to release.

‘With A Breath And A Hope’ features 6 tracks and runs for just under 15 minutes with each track clocking in at just under 3 minutes, the mini album opens with ‘How Many Times Man, I’m Not Ceaser’ the song oozes in pop punk catchiness and the lead vocals from Laurie Cottingham and backing shouts from Will Goldsmith work wonders, instrumentally the song is very progressive as Laurie Cottingham, Will Goldsmith and Jamie Thomas come together to lay down some solid guitar riffs, basslines and drum beats.

‘Eleanor’ is very similar to the opening track in the way that the instrumental work is very progressive sounding and pleasing on the ears. ‘Baby You Be The Architect’ is a very average sounding pop-punk number. ‘Who’s Game For Another One Line Adventure’ is very fast and loud sounding with some of the best guitar work the mini album has to offer. ‘We Will Sink Your Battleship’ see’s Hold The Fight go down the post-hardcore route with a noisy little number, whilst ‘Face It Kid, You Can’t Build A Bridge Out Of Algebra’ features massive sounding gang vocals.

Hold The Fight are a promising band who have created a good mini album in ‘With A Breath And A Hope’, it’s not going to set the pop punk scene alight but it is well worth a listen.


Review by Trigger

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 Track Listing
1. How Many Times Man, I'm Not Caesar!
2. Eleanor!
3. Baby, you be the architect!
4. Who's game for another one line adventure?
5. We will sink your battleship!
6. Face it kid you can't build a bridge out of algebra!
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