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Milestone - Medicate The NightMilestone – Medicate The Night

Milestone are a four piece rock n roll band from Bridgend in the South of Wales, the band have been together since February 2013 and after sharing the stage with many high profile artists such as Exit International, The Dead Famous, Gavin Butler and Neil Starr the four some are ready to release their debut EP ‘Medicate The Night’.

As soon as the upbeat drumbeats and dirty riffs come in on opener ‘Dirty Knees’ you just know that Milestone are a band to be taken seriously as they thrash their way through the 3minutes and 43 seconds with bouncy bass lines, pounding drum beats and fast paced guitar riffs which will have you reaching for the Jack Daniels bottle as you start a mini party in the comfort of your own home to the rocking sounds of Milestone.

‘Shoot Me Down’ opens with some solid drum beats and moments later the rest of the band come in and before you know it Milestone have you in the palm of their hands yet again as they breeze through yet another fast paced slice of rock n’ roll.

‘Blame Me’ is easily one of the strongest tracks on the EP, as soon as you hear the opening 30 seconds you will see where I am coming from, and the goodness does not end there as the song becomes a big bouncy number with some of the best fuzzy sounding guitar riffs the EP has to offer.

As soon as you think things couldn’t get better the band blast into the EP title track ‘Medicate The Night’ which is a big powerful offering which is crammed full of solid instrumental work which comes at you at such a speed and thud you can’t help but head bang along to the big groovy sounds gracing the airwaves.

The EP takes a step back for the slow paced closer ‘Bless Your Soul’ and it is an interesting offering which shows a totally different side to Milestone from the rest of the EP and adds a slight bit of variety to a pretty much all out hard hitting EP as the song builds up over time for a solid finish.

‘Medicate The Night’ is due for release on the 13th May and I really can’t recommend the EP enough, considering these guys have been together for just over a year their EP comes across sounding like a band who have been doing this all their lives, seriously check Milestone out and help put them on the road to success which they deserve.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Jack Howells
Kris Archer
Adam Pain
Lewis Pilling
 Track Listing
1. Dirty Knees
2 . Shoot Me Down
3 . Blame Me
4. Medicate The Night
5. Bless Your Soul
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