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Where The Skeletones Play - Serotonin BlueprintsWhere The Skeletones Play – Serotonin Blueprints

Where The Skeletons Play are a talented duo from Bristol who sound like the bastard love child of the Deftones and Tool and they are set to release their brand new six track EP ‘Serotonin Blueprints’ on the 27th May.

The EP opens with ‘Perspex Queen’ an song which opens with ambient sounds which become bigger and heavier as the song progresses, vocally the song is very dreamy sounding and also quite chilling in places as you really have to concentrate to stitches vocals, as the song reaches the final minute everything explodes in a Deftones style build up as the instrumental work gets louder and Stitch screeches loudly with his distorted vocals.

‘Punctuate The Sky’ is another progressive masterpiece as Bones lays down some outstanding instrumental work as Stitch once again lets his vocals flow in such an freaky distorted way, and just like the opening track the climax of the song is the stand out part as everything comes to life in a forceful fashion.

‘Serotonin Blueprints’ really is a solid sounding EP, however it is one of those EP’s that you need to spend a lot of time with and listen to a few times before you really start to feel the talent that Where The Skeletons Play have to offer, songs like the dreamy ‘Serendipity’ and the heavily distorted ‘... Your Innocence Exists’ are a pleasure to listen to but it is the EP title track ‘Serotonin Blueprints’ where they band really lay the smack down with their heavy progressive sounds.

If you are a fan of Nine Inch Nails, Tool and the Deftones then you really need to give Where The Skeletons Play a listen as it is not every day that you hear a talented duo creating the sounds that normally a four or five piece band would be unleashing.


Review by Trigger

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 Track Listing
1. Perspex Queen
2 . Punctuate The Sky
3 . If We Just Pretend...
4. ...Your Innocence Exsits
5. Serotonin Blueprints
6. Serendipity
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