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Mr Hudson And The Library - A Tale Of Two CitiesMr Hudson And The Library - A Tale Of Two Cities

Reggae-jazz-electronica, three words you don't often find together. And after three tours back to back, (one in libraries, one headliner, and one supporting Amy Winehouse,) here comes the album, that I've been excited about.

The opening track, isn't bad. "The Street Where You Live," is, well, as I said, not bad. But it really isn't anything special, and contrasts quite strongly with the live performance, when I remember wanting to just dance the night away.

Track two, "Brave The Cold," ah mate, this is more like it. A combination of the electric drums and funky basslines make for a combination that would even get Steven Hawkins doing the twist. Over the truly groovable music, comes a strong vocal line provided by that of Mr Hudson, and backed up by Joy Joseph, one member of "The Library," who also plays the steel pan drums.

The new single "Too Late Too Late" is track three. There's a reason it was chosen as a single, lets put it that way.

Track four, another promising one, is a comical slow number about an unlucky man, "Everything Happens To Me." More of an interlude than a song really, but it's still good. Backed up with atmospheric pianos, a basic rhythm, and the sound of rain, ah, bliss.

It's not until track eight that we meet my personal favourite, and another real gem of a song. "Ask The DJ" is a great song, where the vocals lead the song through the verses, and the music really kicks in and makes the song through the catchy chorus.

"One Specific Thing" blends steel pan drums, with simultaneous piano, a crazy sound indeed. Another simple yet funky electronic beat backing up, and that came vocal that leads every song. That same, amazing talent, awesome sound. So laid back, yet so perfect. And then for the chorus, it's handed over to Joy, for a beautiful few lines.

All in all, it's a good CD actually. It's weird, after listening once and flicking through, I was planning to write a review based on disappointment. However, closer inspection has meant that I've fallen in love with many songs, and I'm actually very impressed. It's better live, but then most bands are, but still, yeah, good times.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
Mr Hudson - Band
Mr Hudson (vocals, occasional guitar)
Maps Huxley (Bass)
Wilkie Wilkinson (Drums)
Joy Joseph (steel-pan, vocals)
Torville Jones (the piano-forte)
 Track Listing
1. The Streets Where You Live
2. Brave The Cold
3. Too Late Too Late
4. Everything Happens To Me
5. Cover Girl
6. Two By Two
7. Bread & Roses
8. Ask The DJ
9. Picture Of You
10. One Specific Thing
11. Ghost
12. Upon The Heath
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