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Off With Their Heads are a punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota who formed back in 2002 and over the years the band has seen a huge amount of members come and go which is due to their hectic touring nature and also to help keep the band feeling fresh, the band signed to Epitaph Records back in 2010 and months later went on to release their second studio album ‘In Desolation’ and now nearly 3 years on Off With Their Heads are set to release their third studio album ‘Home’.

After listening to ‘Home’ a few times over it is safe to say that it is crammed full of the strongest material that Off With Their Heads have ever created, as soon as the opening track ‘Start Walking’ blasts in with a short 1minute 47seconds burst of melodic punk rock with singer/guitarist Ryan Young’s gruff vocals taking centre stage and grabbing your attention from the off you just know the next 30minutes is going to be worth your time.

‘Shirts’ follows on with the melodic nature with backing chats of “woaahh, woaahh” before Ryan Young comes in with a quick fresh blast of gruff vocals whilst also kicking out some tasty guitar riffs, whilst the rest of the band lay down some funky basslines and fast paced drum beats.

‘Nightlife’ is the lead single to be taken from the album and it is so easy to see why as the song starts off in a slow paced radio friendly way and within seconds the guitars are charged up coming at you thick and fast, the basslines stand out due to their strong nature and vocally Ryan Young gives a performance which could arguable be the vocal performance of his career and his melodic sounding chant-a-long gruff vocals are unlike any other and as soon as the track comes to an end the temptation to hit the repeat button becomes so strong.

‘Focus On Your Own Family’ is a song about not doing what people tell you and about focusing on yourself and your own family and don’t be frightened of doing what you want to do, musically the song is a fast burst of energy where once again Ryan Young comes chanting through at what feels like 100 miles per hour whilst the rest of the band club together for backing chants of “woahhh, woahhh”.

‘Don’t Make Me Go’ is a really interesting song as Off With Their Heads slow things down and go down the soppy ballad route as the band sing about life as a touring road with Ryan Young singing “Don’t make me go home, i’m wanted there less than i’m wanted here’, which shows his appreciation of time in the band, on the road, playing live shows and hanging out with his fans.

There is so much enjoyment to be had within the songs of ‘home’ the majority of the tracks are fast past melodic punk numbers but there are a couple of toned down tracks which come towards the later part of the album such as the already mentioned ‘Don’t Make Me Go’ and not to forget ‘Always Alone’ and the near full on instrumental ‘Stolen Away’ which such emotional sounding vocals.

Overall Off With Their Heads have made the album of their career with ‘Home’, lyrically the album is very personal and is executed with emotion, passion and full on energy and is the kind of album that the listener will end up listening to again and again


Review by Trigger

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 Track Listing
1. Start Walking
2. Shirts
3. Nightlife
4. Focus On Your Own Family
5. Altar Boy Blues
6. Don't Make Me Go
7. Come Find Me
8. Janie
9. Seek Advice Elsewhere
10. Always Alone
11. Stolen Away
12. Take Me Out
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