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Warbeast & Phil Anselmo - War of the GargantuasWarbeast & Phil Anselmo – War of the Gargantuas

Prior to what I thought was the case this is not 4 songs that were written by both ex-Pantera and current Down front man Phil Anselmo and the Texan speed metal act Warbeast; oh no, what this is in fact is 2 songs written by Phil Anselmo setting him up for his solo album that will eventually be coming out and a couple of songs written by Warbeast, who Anselmo is currently promoting. From a business stand point that is an extremely wise move there is no doubt about that, whether or not this will be a worthwhile release remains to be seen, all of the focus is on the direction of Phil’s solo album so I think I’ll start my analysis there.

It’s extremely safe to say that these are easily 2 of the most vicious songs Anselmo has ever released, from what I’m gathering from “Conflict” and “Family, “Friends”, and Associates” there are really harsh distorted guitar tones, explosively quick drumming and blood curdling screams making for some beasty speed metal songs. To be fair they are extremely well crafted pieces of work, I’ve never heard Anselmo put vocals down as aggressive as this, it really sounds like he’s releasing decades worth of frustration and anger which relates to me more than most things ever will. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t the greatest songs to have ever graced my ears but there is definitely something there that is really exhilarating and I look forward to what else is to come from this extreme metal icon.

Ok then for the Warbeast section of the EP; we have “Birth of a Psycho” and “IT” both of which much like the Anselmo tracks have heavy distorted guitars, demonic growls and an extremely high pace. Differences are though that where as Phil has gone for aggression and sacrificed technicality, Warbeast refused to compromise; the music is more technical with a lot more epic guitar work involved, the tone is a bit like death personified into a tone and more like a crunch with a clear distinction to suit the more technical needs to really hear the notes. I’ve heard some negative comments about the whole EP, but in all fairness whilst it may not be exclusively my thing but I can appreciate the creativity and relatable elements within, both Anselmo and Warbeast have done quite well here.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Bruce Corbitt
Scott Shelby
Joe Gonzalez
Bobby Tillotson Jr.
Dré Karst
Phil Anselmo
 Track Listing
1. Conflict
2. Birth of a Psycho
3. Family, “Friends”, and Associates
4. IT
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