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Manowar - The Lord of SteelManowar – The Lord of Steel

Manowar are easily comparable to marmite; one can love them, or one can hate their very existence. They are forever personified by their macho appearance and there cheesy lyrical themes, I mean the sheer amount of clichés that the band has unified over their illustrious career is nothing short of impressive. The thing is though their fans are all incredibly loyal to them, every album release tour announcement or any other relevant news and they are all over it like a sore rash. Enough of the band history let’s see if album number 12 is up to scratch or if it’s exhausted.

When diving into anything by Manowar you need to prepare yourself for simplistic yet powerful songs filled with chants cheesy lyrics based around drinking, swords, war, Gods, mythology, all that kind of jazz. One thing to note about this album is how overwhelming the bass tones are, they’re easily the most dominant sound on this album, “Expendable” and “Touch the Sky” are ones to spin if you want a clearer picture, the bass buss just seems to take focus away from the various other elements that I would have liked to hear have a more prominent role in the mix. To be fair though even if they did have a higher priority in the mix they aren’t really at the same level of quality that past albums bring to the table, it’s not drastic but there is a notable downgrade in performance.

I am by no means saying that this is a bad release because some of the riffs and tones are really heavy, punchy and infectious but what I am saying is that it’s not as good as the Manowar from the past. After the first few tracks the album peaks to bring back some of the raw power and to not let the whole record go to waste, everything would be even better if each element was evenly balanced in the mix because the sheer degree that bass is at just rumbles the brain in all honesty.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Eric Adams
Donnie Hamzik
Karl Logan
Joey DeMaio
 Track Listing
1. The Lord of Steel
2. Manowarriors
3. Born in a Grave
4. Righteous Glory
5. Touch the Sky
6. Black List
7. Expandable
8. El Gringo
9. Annihilation
10. Hail, Kill and Die
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